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Master Programme in Religious Studies 120 cr

This is the master’s programme in which you will be studying the interplay between man, society, culture, religion and peoples’ religiousness past and present. In other words, we are adopting a broader perspective and will not only be focusing on the major, traditional religions. In addition, the entire programme is to be a distance tuition course. Welcome to an education which is quite unique to Sweden.

Four areas of specialisation

The course of education relates to health-promoting working life — one of the university’s core areas. The significance of man’s existential dimension, his cultural self-definition and the need for a holistic approach are given priority.

The course of education is divided into the following areas of specialisation: - Environment, health and working life

  • Ethics and leadership
  • Religion’s place in the post-secular society
  • Religion and folklore – past and present

Preparatory research course

The programme is primarily intended to prepare the student for research but will also help you prepare for different professional roles. We can also offer a transition to research studies in the teacher training programme. In the long run, we hope that religious science will form a part of graduate studies at the university.

Increased need in a multicultural society

Many occupational sectors, as a result of globalisation and increased migration from Asia and Africa, will require staff with high level of education and cultural competence. After the programme, you will be able to work at a school, a municipality, within the social services and at government agencies such as the Swedish Migration Board and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. Museums, companies, national and international relief organizations need this kind of competence in a multicultural society.

Application deadline January 15!

This programme is an international programme with application deadline January 15.

Apply at www.universityadmissions.se.


Programme Director

Jari Ristiniemi

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)