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Master in Sustainability Science – Environment and Decision Making 120 hp

Would you like to take decisions that make a difference? In our new master’s programme, which is online, you will gain in-depth knowledge in environmental science. At the same time, you will become a professional in making the decisions that are required for us to move closer to a sustainable society.

Gain unique knowledge

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary subject in which we highlight environmental issues from different perspectives. In our master’s programme, we specialise within three areas:

  • Environmental engineering—design and environmental evaluation of technological systems
  • Environmental psychology—environment, behaviour and psychological processes
  • Social-ecological systems—the interaction between humans and ecosystems

We study how these areas interconnect and how they can be used to support decision-making for sustainable development at different levels in society. This is a unique combination that you will only find at University of Gävle. In our master´s programme, psychology plays an important role. We need to understand how our behaviour prevents, but at the same time, is an opportunity for sustainable change in technology and in society. In our master’s programmes, you will also gain advanced knowledge in decision-making and leadership.

Global goals

The programme is connected to several of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development adopted by the UN. Primarily, there are connections to goals 11, 12 and 13. There are secondary connections to goals 14, 15, 16, and 17.

Your degree

As a graduate from the programme, you will receive a degree in the main field of study environmental science which offers:

  • Broad and in-depth knowledge within the subject environmental science
  • Strategies and tools to make a difference, especially within decision-making at different levels of analysis
  • The ability to make a difference in the journey towards increased sustainability, both within the private and the public sector
  • The ability to lead and organise projects
  • The ability to engage in environmental impact assessment in relation to humans, objects and systems

Generic abilities, especially the abilities to analyse, to predict, to critically evaluate, to lead and to make decisions as well as the abilities to conduct investigations and to gather information that guides decision makers.

Many career opportunities

As a graduate from this programme, there will be many possible positions connected to the environment and sustainable development available to you, in the private and the public sector as well as within consulting services. Typical positions are environmental/climate strategist, environmental controller, environmental administrator, environmental inspector, environmental coordinator, environmental/sustainability manager, and sustainability organisational.

Are you interested in research? This programme is a solid basis for your academic career. A third-cycle programme provides you with opportunities for in-depth, specialised studies. At University of Gävle, we conduct research on sustainable development within a number of exiting fields.

The world needs your professional skills

As we face increasingly greater environmental challenges, the demand for you will increase. Environmental and sustainability issues have become strategically important within an increasing number of organisations and businesses. Your future workplace could be a large or medium-sized enterprise, a consulting company, an organisation or a position within the public sector—on a local, regional, national or global level. Environmental issues are global and so is your labour market.


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