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Technical Pre Undergraduate Study Year 60 pec

Would you like to become an engineer but lack the upper secondary school qualifications you need? Welcome to our Technical Preparatory Year! For one year, you study the math, physics and chemistry you need to be qualified. After completion, you are guaranteed a place in one of our engineering programmes, which will make you prepared for an exciting professional life.

Why engineering?

Engineering is a profession for the future. Most probably, you know that already. As an engineer, you are in demand in a broad and exciting labour market. At University of Gävle, there are many different engineering programmes. All are designed to meet the societal challenges we face, and they will provide you with in-depth knowledge for new technology developments. That is why we dare to say that our students are well-equipped for the future.

The best start to your life as a student

The Technical Preparatory Year is a tailor-made study programme for those who need to study mathematics, physics and chemistry at upper-secondary school level. Maybe you want to change careers now, or perhaps you chose a different path when you were in high school? No problem. The Technical Preparatory Year gives you the best preparation for university studies. You will gain:

  • time to build up the study habits needed to study at the university level
  • motivation to pass your exams because you know that you are guaranteed a place
  • a chance to learn more about the different specialisations before choosing the type of engineering programme that suits you
  • try life as a student
  • get to know new fellow students, university staff, the technology and our premises
  • security and peace of mind – you already are guaranteed a place on an engineering programme here.

Many students who have completed the The Technical Preparatory Year do well in their engineering programmes, as they are already used to studying at the university level.

Study on campus or online?

In the The Technical Preparatory Year, there are many options. The compulsory laboratory work is carried out on campus in Gävle. Otherwise, you can choose whether you want to study from home or together with others. The programme is available online, on campus in Gävle or at local learning centres in five study locations:






Full-time studies

Regardless of which study place you choose, the Technical Preparatory Year is full-time. The programme requires that you are motivated, and you should expect to spend 40 hours/week on your studies. But we promise you that it will pay off.


Programme Director

Annika Eklund

Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)