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Bachelor programme in Health Promotion through sustainable development 180 cr

Create a healthy and sustainable world! Humans and our planet are facing great challenges in the near future, and we need to find ways to keep both ourselves and the planet healthy. You can take part and make a difference!

Unique on the labour market

The programme consists primarily of courses in public health science, but biology is also an important part. The purpose of this combination is to make students aware that everything is connected, for example how our impact on nature has consequences for the climate and public health.

This awareness will make you unique on the labour market when you have graduated from the programme Health Promotion at University of Gävle. The programme gives you broad knowledge within the field, as there are courses in subjects like public health and health care science, behavioural science and ecology.

A wide range of skills

The programme will provide you with a wide range of skills in demand in society today and tomorrow. You can work with sustainable development at a general level in fields like sustainable and equal health, health promotion and inclusion in social planning, and in health promotion in the health care sector.

Students’ degree projects focus on topics like gender equality in sports clubs, socially responsibly leadership for sustainable and health-promoting organisations, physical and mental health in the elderly in residential care facilities, and reducing food waste for a sustainable food consumption and a sustainable lifestyle.

Strategist, coordinator or project manager

The programmes provides professional training, and it targets those who would like to work with change processes by planning, starting, organizing, coordinating and following-up investments in public health and sustainable development in collaboration with other actors.

When you have finished the programme, you will be awarded a Degree of Bachelor of Social Science in public health science, and this will make you eligible to apply for second-cycle studies in, for example, public health science.


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Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)