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Bridging Secondary Teacher Programme, Mathematics and Nature-oriented subjects and Technology for school years 4–6 75 cr

Do you have a degree from a college or university with one or several specialisations; mathematics, science or technology, but lack a teaching qualification? Then you can apply for the Complementary Pedagogical Education with a focus on primary school years 4–6.

The government is making a special effort to get more qualified and certified teachers into schools. The University of Gävle is one of ten higher education institutions in Sweden to offer a supplementary teacher training programme. The programme leads to a primary school teacher's degree with a focus on work in primary school grades 4–6 in the subjects of mathematics, science and technology.

Structure of the programme

The programme is aimed at those who have a previous academic qualification in mathematics, science or technology but who are not qualified to teach. The programme is delivered by distance learning over one year, with a few campus meetings per semester.

The programme consists of three parts:

  • Courses in educational science that provide you with knowledge of the conditions and content of schools and the teaching profession.
  • Subject didactic studies, which give you knowledge of the teaching of subjects.
  • In-service training (VFU) where you do a placement in a primary school in grades 4–6.

High demand for qualified teachers

There is currently a particularly high shortage of qualified teachers in grades 4–6. After completing your training, you can apply for a teaching licence in mathematics, science and technology for grades 4–6.

Teaching – a profession for the future

The training leads to stimulating work, carried out both independently and with others, where there is the opportunity to contribute to developing and supporting pupils' knowledge in relevant subjects. The teaching profession is a profession of the future and the prospects for employment after this training are considered to be very favourable. Teachers specialising in teaching in primary school grades 4–6 are in great demand on the labour market.


For questions about the programme contact


Högskolan i Gävle
Box 801 76 GÄVLE
026-64 85 00 (växel)