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Legal Science Programme towards Tax Law and Real Estate Law 180 cr

Who is liable to pay tax in Sweden and what earnings are actually taxable? What rights and obligations do you have as a tenant or landlord? The study programme in Law gives you the knowledge to analyse the above issues.

Unique in Sweden

The study programme in Law is unique in Sweden.

Tax laws affect us all

You maybe do not know this, but the fact is that one comes in contact with the law, on a daily basis, both as a private person and at work. Tax laws are something that concern us all and are fundamental to a sustainable and climate smart society. Tax laws are needed to, for example, assess who is liable for taxation in Sweden, what earnings are taxable and which costs are deductable.

Rights and obligations

We are affected by the property law in connection with tenancies, purchase or the leasing of apartments and properties. Which rights and obligations do we have as tenants or landlords, apartment owners and property owners, and how are sustainability and climate taken into consideration when managing commercial properties?

Unique focus on important issues

The Law course at the University of Gävle is unique in its focus on tax laws and property law. This is something that is lacking in the courses at other universities and institutes of higher education in Sweden. Tax laws are subject to constant changes and the combination with property laws leads to an updating of many important issues within for example environmental law and indirect taxation.

After the course

With a Bachelor’s degree in Law you can work with legal matters that are connected to tax law and property law. Places of employment could be, for example, auditing firms, the Swedish Tax Agency, housing authorities, tenant associations, the Swedish Land Registration Authority, municipalities or regional administration.

Promising employment opportunities

The employment opportunities for people with a degree in law look very promising, not least because of the extensive generation shift expected both in the private and public sectors in the coming years. Moreover the course is new to the University of Gävle and we have already started collaboration with different employers within the region with regard to internships.


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