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Study Program in Applied Criminology 180 cr

Analysing different aspects of criminality as a criminologist is an exciting, fun and important job. But in order to be successful, excellent knowledge in the field is required. The study programme in Applied Criminology provides you with the theoretical and practical skills that you will need when working as a criminologist.

Why do people commit crimes?

Questions of criminality and why people commit crimes are increasingly relevant today. How can crime be prevented, how is it investigated and how are the perpetrators punished or treated? The study programme in Applied Criminology provides you with knowledge about these questions which is important for independent investigative work with various issues regarding criminality.

Title: Criminologist

A Bachelor in Criminology degree presents opportunities for work with the police, in correctional treatment, with municipal councils for crime prevention, with social services, with the Customs service, within healthcare and with other agencies, services and companies that work with criminality issues and anti-crime measures in various different ways.

Sought after on the labour market

There is an extensive labour market for those who can investigate and analyse crime. Demand for these skills is expected to grow substantially over the coming years. There is therefore a very good chance that, as a qualified criminologist with investigative skills, you will be sought after within local, regional and national labour markets.


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