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Conditions for University of Gävle Scholarship for African Students in International Social Work

1. A scholarship may only be granted by the University upon written application by an applicant or a student having been admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Social Work - Specialization International Social Work at the University of Gävle provided that the applicant or student

  • is covered by the obligation to pay a study fee under the ordinance 2010:718,

2. A Scholarship may only be granted for the duration of a programme.

3. A Scholarship covers the entire study fee for the programme.

4. Scholarships are granted for the first year of studies and thereafter, upon grated prolongation, for the following years covered by the programme.

5. In order to prolong the scholarship for a second or third year, the student need to pass at least 75% of the credits in his/her previous semester.

6. Where a student does not fulfill these requirements, the scholarship will be withdrawn and the student may be required to repay parts of the scholarship.

Published by: Catarina Carlsson Page responsible: Malin Hillman Updated: 2022-12-16
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