The Library premises

Here you will find information about the different premises of the Library and their equipment. The links will take you further so that you can find more information or make a booking.

Floor one, the lower ground

In the storage facility, there are older journal volumes. Statens offentliga Utredningar (SOU) are all located here, as are writings from the Departementsserien, bills and research reports. There is a also a group study room that cannot be booked in advance and a machine for printing, copying and scanning.

Floor two, the ground floor

Quiet reading room

Our quiet reading room is located on the ground floor. Please note that you must not use your mobile phone or bring anything to eat or drink here.


A flexible modern hall for public defences of dissertations, lectures and meetings. Room number 23:213.

Resource room

The resource room is on the ground floor and is equipped with programmes for students with reading disabilities.

Floor three

Group study rooms

Group study rooms that can be booked in advance can be found on Library floors three and four. On floor four, there are also a few group study rooms that cannot be reserved beforehand.

Writing Centre (Skrivarverkstaden)

Our Writing Centre is located on floor three. Here, you as a student at our University can be given support in academic writing.

Library instruction room

The Library instruction room, 23:302. You as a lecturers can order instruction for your students by contacting your liaison librarian.

Web and video conferencing rooms

We have two rooms for web conferences 23:309 and 23:311. The rooms are adapted to a maximum of six people. 23:309 has a conference phone and a HD-ready webcam.

Floor four

Meeting room

The meeting room in the Library (23:401) has 25 seats. The room is equipped with a computer, a sound system, video and computer projectors, an OH-projector and a conference phone. The room can be booked via our University system for bookings, Kronox.

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