The Library's activities and collaborations

The Library aims to be an attractive resource which is continuously improving to fulfil the needs of our students, researchers, members of staff and other user groups.

The Library's activities

Information provision

The Library is responsible for all scientific information provision at the University of Gävle. The Library is also part of the national development for an improved information infrastructure and greater transparency.

Information competence and learning

The goal of the Library's instruction in information retrieval with a critical attitude is to develop students' information competence. Information competence involves the ability to search, retrieve, assess and use information creatively.

Digital competence

The Library unit Learning Center supports netbased learning and increases users' digital competence. Digital competence involves the ability to retrieve, produce, publish and communicate via internet.

Collaborations and projects

ABM Gävle

In Gävle, there is a group consisting of several libraries, archives and museums called ABM Gävle. This group collaborates in arranging seminars and lectures within its areas of interest. The participants also arrange Archives Day in Gävle.

Europe Direct Gävle

At the City Library in Gävle, one of twenty Swedish EU information centres for the public is located. The University's students may turn to this centre to find anwers to their questions and for assistance with searches in EU databases etcetera. The centre is financed by Gävle Municipality, the European Union and the University of Gävle.

Public libraries in Gävleborgs county and the University Library

The University Library collaborates with the City library in Gävle and the Hospital library in Gävleborg to coordinate media provision in Gävle, and also in the whole of Gävleborg county. Its purpose is to welcome each library's target group to the other libraries as well.

Library cards

Students at the Univeristy can register their University access card as library card at the City library. Similarly, the public can register their Hel-Ge cards (library cards at the public libraries in Gävleborg county) as library cards here at the University Library.

Common media plan

The common media plan for the University Library, the City Library and the Hospital Library outlines the media resources at the libraries and our plans to preserve different media. Our goal is to improve coordination in the process of building up media collections as well as in the process of thinning.


If you would like to learn more about the project, please contact Mats Brenner, Learning Center, The Library, via email: or Maivor Hallén, Library Director, email:

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