Rules of conduct in the Library

To make the library a place with a good study and working environment, we all need to take a joint responsibility to follow the rules of conduct.

We all have a shared responsibility in making the library a pleasant place to be in. To create a good study and working environment, we have listed a few important points we would like everyone to respect when visiting the library.

Eating and drinking

  • Hot or cold drinks with lids, sandwiches, candy, and fruit are permitted in the library, but other types of food must be consumed in areas assigned for eating here on campus.
  • Please note that you are not allowed to eat food containing peanuts and other types of nuts on campus.

Show consideration

  • Please use headphones or a headset when you participate in online events like teaching via Zoom.
  • Respect other visitors by keeping conversations at a quiet level.
  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode, to give everyone the chance to study in peace.

Keep order

  • You may move chairs to provide seating for more people around a table or a computer, but please put all furniture back when finished.
  • When you have finished reading a book, place it on a book cart, so we can reshelve it for you.
  • All litter should be disposed of in the recycling bins provided on all levels. All students would like to find study spaces and group study rooms in a tidy condition.

Contact us when necessary

To help us maintain a good working environment, we would like to encourage you to contact us if you see something we need to take care of.

Please inform staff in the library or send an e-mail to:

Published by: Jenny Ericsson Page responsible: Jenny Ericsson Updated: 2023-01-19
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