Self-service at the library

Self-service means that the library is open for self-service even when the information desk is not staffed. On weekdays the library is open for everyone. On Saturdays, the library may be used by students and employees with a HiG card.

What does self-service mean?

We have increased our opening hours. It is now possible to use the library premises later in the evenings and on Saturdays, but the information desk is not staffed.

When is the library open?

Library premises

Information desk staffed





09.00–16.00 (with HiG card)





Who can visit the library during self-service?

Everyone is welcome at the library on weekdays. On Saturdays, the entrances to the University are locked and only accessible to students and employees with a HiG card. To enter University premises on Saturdays, use your HiG card at the card reader outside the entrance and enter your pin code.

  • If you need help from the staff

If you need help with information searching, book loans or other library matters, you have to visit us when the information desk is staffed.

Do you need help from the staff but cannot visit us when the information desk is open? Contact us through e-mail or call 026-64 85 48.

Self-service at the library

  • Use our self-service machines for borrowing and returning books.
  • If you wish to return books during our self-service hours but don’t have a HiG card, you can leave them in our locked drop box outside the eastern side-entrance to the library. Please note that books left in the box will not be returned in our system until the information desk i staffed.
  • You may find answers to your questions through information and guides on our website to help you with information searching, and printing and copying, for example.

What if something happens?

Security guards patrol the building and can be reached on 070-656 15 00 if necessary.

If something should break, stop working, or if there is anything else that library staff should know about, please send an email to

Emergency contacts

  • In case of immediate danger to life, property or the environment, always call 112
  • In the event of serious incident or urgent need for security support, call the University's emergency number 070-656 15 00
  • For urgent matters concerning the property, such as risk of water damage, call Akademiska hus on 010-557 24 00
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