Subject librarians


Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies

Malin Almstedt Jansson

Research Librarian, CBF and Occupational Health Sciences
Telephone: 026-64 86 20, E-mail:

Tanja Donner

Health and Caring Sciences, Psychology and Social Work
Telephone: 026-64 87 29, E-mail:

Jonas Larsson

Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme
Telephone: 026-64 86 54, E-mail:

Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Jonas Larsson

Department of Business and Economic Studies
Telephone: 026-64 86 54, E-mail:

Sara Martinsson

Educational Sciences, English and Swedish
Telephone: 026-64 85 29, E-mail:

Anna Prymka

Religious studies, Educational Drama, Media and Communication Studies
Telephone: 026-64 89 45, E-mail:

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Karin Meyer Lundén

Building Technology, Indoor Environment, Applied Psychology, Industrial Design,
Energy Systems, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Telephone: 026-64 89 19, E-mail:

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