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Here you can find help and information about how to use Blackboard. It's Learning Centers ICT educators who work with these help pages.

Problems logging in to Blackboard?

To login to Blackboard, you click the blue button ”Logga in på Blackboard / Sign in to Blackboard” and must then select our university on the next page before continuing. You click on the link to select from a list, click the arrow, scroll down and choose ”University of Gävle” (NOT the one that says Alumni) and click the button ”Proceed to Login”.

In the following page, you use the login and password that you downloaded when you first started on the University of Gävle (example; login: vf00tse and password: c3tg8s1k).

If you don't have or are having problems with the username and password, please contact IT support, located in the Student Center.
They are open for visits between 09:00 to 15:00 every weekday,  telephone hours 08.00-15.00. Telephone number +46 26-64 88 80, e-mail

Do not forget to enter your name and civic number when you get in contact with them.

Change system language after login

If you wish  to change the system language to English, you need to change your settings AFTER login. Go to an instruction with images of this procedure

Routine updates on Blackboard

To ensure the quality and stability of Blackboard, a service is scheduled the last Thursday of every month during the night. During this times, there might be system shutdowns. On the following Fridays we will test and verify the system. On occasion, there might be system disturbancies due to upgrades the night before.

Login to Blackboard

Distance Support

- Go to
to submit a question

- Go to the intranet
to order a Blackboard course
(NOTE: only for teachers, only available in Swedish)

Bandwidth Test

The TPTEST is a simple way to test your broadband connection. Note: It is in Swedish, but very simple - just click the blue button Starta mätning and the result will come up.
Do you have the right speed?

System Recommendations

Blackboard's list of operating systems, hardware and software that is recommended when using Blackboard. (Note that this is not a requirement, just a recommendation of what works best.)
See the list

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