Web Meetings with Adobe Connect

Using a webcam and a web conferencing software, two users can communicate visually. The web conferencing programs also give you the opportunity to chat, send files and communicate through sound, if you have a headset.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conference system, used for interactive meetings and lectures on the internet. Adobe Connect is the main web conferencing system at the University of Gävle. The service is administered by SUNET, and is used by many universities in Sweden. The system can be used for all staff and students at the University. It can be managed from your own computer and is free of charge.


Students and participants will access a web meeting or lecture in Adobe Connect through a direct link to that particular meeting. This link will be provided by your teacher. If this requires login, use your computer account at the University.

Manuals and instructions

Adobe has produced information and video guides about Adobe Connect. They cover all aspects and settings for Adobe Connect.

Try your webcam

Learning Center

Your can always contact Learning Center for support and guidance concerning web conferences.

Telephone: 026-64 87 00
E-mail: learningcenter@hig.se
Support system: support.hig.se

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