Web meetings with Zoom

Zoom is a service for web meetings at the University of Gävle. Zoom supports most devices and enables you to communicate with good sound and video even over slow connections.

Attend a web meeting in your course

  • To connect to the web meeting room that your course at Gävle University uses, follow the link that your teacher enters your course on the Blackboard learning platform.
    Learn how to connect to a meeting in Zoom

Get started with your own meeting in Zoom

  • Go to and click the Sign in button. Log in with your user account and your Zoom account will be created. NOTE! The first time you enter, it is important that you review your basic meeting room settings.
    Log in to Zoom

Does Zoom work on my computer and mobile phone?

Support for Zoom

  • On Zoom's website you will find information videos, online manuals and information about Zoom web meeting service. Zoom also has a chat, in the lower right corner of the help page, there is a blue Help button that opens the chat.
    Go to Zoom support pages
    Information videos about Zoom

If you have questions about Zoom contact the Learning Center support.
Support system:
Telephone number: 026-64 87 00

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