Introduction to the Library


To borrow books, you need a library card, bring your entrance card to the library and we will activate it as your library card.

About the Library

Library catalogue

In the University Library´s online catalogue, you can locate books, in the library´s collections. By using your library card number and a PIN code, you can make renewals and reservations yourself.

Location of the books

All course books you will find on the entrance floor. The other books are also located there and upstairs. The easiest way to find them is to search in our catalogue.


The printout-system uses a function which means that you can collect your printouts at any public printer, either with your entrance card or with your user account and password.

There are several printers placed in the library where you can collect your printouts, copy and scan documents.

User account

To use the computers in the Library and in the rest of the school you have to use your user account to log in.

Access to databases from home

Access to most of the databases is also obtainable from home, in case you have a user account.

Subject Guides

Check out our Subject Guides that will help you with your information retrievel in specific areas.

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