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Essays and Dissertations

Here we will inform you about how you search for essays and other research publications from the University of Gävle as well as from other Swedish and international higher education institutions.

Forskarhörnan i biblioteket


Essays from the University of Gävle

In the Digitala vetenskapliga arkivet (DIVA), all essays from the University of Gävle from 2006 and onwards are available in full-text.

Swedish essays and degree projects

Student Essays and degree projects from all Swedish higher education institutions can be searched for in Essays.se.


Research publications from the University of Gävle

Research publications, like dissertations, books, chapters in books, conference papers, reports and articles, by authors at the University of Gävle are registered in DiVA.

  • Swedish Research Publications

SwePub is a national search service for research publications from Swedish higher education institutions. There are links to LIBRIS and to the Swedish higher education institutions own databases. Often, you are granted acces to full-text versions.

  • Swedish Dissertations

Limit your search in LIBRIS, the catalogue from The National Library of Sweden by choosing Theses in the right column, "Refine your search"

Search for International Dissertations and Theses

These links give you access to Open Access dissertations from European and American universities.


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