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Scholarly articles, refereed

Olsson, A., Thunborg, C., Björkman, A., Blom, A., Sjöberg, F. & Salzmann-Erikson, M. (2020). A scoping review of complexity science in nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing. [Accepted] 10.1111/jan.14382 [More information]
Milić, V., Amiri, S. & Moshfegh, B. (2020). A systematic approach to predict the economic and environmental effects of the cost-optimal energy renovation of a historic building district on the district heating system. Energies, 13 (1). 10.3390/en13010276 [More information]
Stevens, M., Crowley, P., Lund Rasmussen, C., Hallman, D., Mortensen, O., Nygård, C. & Holtermann, A. (2020). Accelerometer-measured physical activity at work and need for recovery: A compositional analysis of cross-sectional data. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 64 (2), 138-151. 10.1093/annweh/wxz095 [More information]
Possmark, S., Sellberg, F., Willmer, M., Tynelius, P., Persson, M. & Berglind, D. (2020). Accelerometer-measured versus self-reported physical activity levels in women before and up to 48 months after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. BMC Surgery, 20. 10.1186/s12893-020-00699-7 [More information]
Alsaid, L. & Mutiganda, J. (2020). Accounting and Smart Cities : New Evidence for Governmentality and Politics. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17 (3), 158-170. 10.22495/cocv17i3art12 [More information]
Aslan, P., Ahmadi, N., Wikström, E. & Sjöberg, S. (2020). Agency and adaptation: strategies of immigrants’ descendants on the Swedish labor market. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. [In press] [More information]
Jazairy, A. (2020). Aligning the purchase of green logistics practices between shippers and logistics service providers. Transportation Research Part D : Transport and Environment, 82. 10.1016/j.trd.2020.102305 [More information]
Jensen, I., Bjorklund, C., Hagberg, J., Aboagye, E. & Bodin, L. (2020). An overlooked key to excellence in research : a longitudinal cohort study on the association between the psycho-social work environment and research performance. Studies in Higher Education. 10.1080/03075079.2020.1744127 [More information]
Fobbe, L. (2020). Analysing organisational collaboration practices for sustainability. Sustainability, 12 (6). 10.3390/su12062466 [More information]
Jazairy, A. & von Haartman, R. (2020). Analysing the institutional pressures on shippers and logistics service providers to implement green supply chain management practices. International Journal of Logistics, 23 (1), 44-84. 10.1080/13675567.2019.1584163 [More information]
Lozano, R. (2020). Analysing the use of tools, initiatives, and approaches to promote sustainability in corporations. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 27 (2), 982-998. 10.1002/csr.1860 [More information]
Panova, Y., Hilletofth, P., Panova, A. & Hongsheng, X. (2020). Application of the just-in-time approach to a third-generation port. Operations and Supply Chain Management, 13 (3), 279-293. 10.31387/oscm0420269 [More information]
Colding, J., Colding, M. & Barthel, S. (2020). Applying seven resilience principles on the Vision of the Digital City. Cities, 103. 10.1016/j.cities.2020.102761 [More information]

Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Lövgren, K. (2020). 40-talist är väl ingen ålder : ”Inget är så mystiskt som att bli gammal” skriver Ulf Lundell i sina dagboksbetraktelser i Vardagar-serien: böcker att läsa med nyfikenhet kring temat åldrande och manlighet.. Äldre i centrum (1), 100-103. External link [More information]

Doctoral thesis

Holmgren, M. (2020). A Negative Footprint Illusion in Environmental Impact Estimates. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2020. Gävle: Gävle University Press. 40 p. (Doctoral thesis 14) External link [More information]
Kaltenbrunner, M. (2020). A staff perspective on Lean maturity, well-being, and quality in primary care. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2020. Gävle: Gävle University Press. 58 p. (Doctoral thesis 12) External link [More information]

Book chapters

Magnusson, L. (2020). Analoga och digitala lekar i ateljén. Digitalt meningsskapande i förskolan. Stockholm: Lärarförlaget. P. 149-163. [More information]
Lozano, R., Carpenter, A. & Sammalisto, K. (2020). Analysing organisational change management in seaports : Stakeholder perception, communication, drivers for, and barriers to sustainability at the Port of Gävle. European port cities in transition : Moving towards more sustainable sea transport hubs. Springer. [More information]

Conference papers

Amin, H., Sjöberg, L. & Bagherbandi, M. (2020). A global vertical datum defined by the conventional geoid potentialand the Earth ellipsoid parameters. . External link [More information]
Nilfouroushan, F. & Fryksten, J. (2020). Analysis of Clay-Induced Land Subsidence in Uppsala City Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data and Precise Leveling. . External link [More information]
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