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Write and Publish

In the academic world, writing is an important part of your education. On this page, we have gathered some useful information to support you in your academic writing.

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If you need support in your writing, you can turn to the Writing Centre.

Writing references

When you are writing your thesis or paper, you have to show that you are well-informed about the research in the field of knowledge you are active. Therefore, it is important that you give credit to and correctly cite other researchers' texts.

Reference management programme

When you are writing essays and other documents, a reference management programme to handle your references may be very useful.


When you are writing essays and other texts, you must inform your readers of what sources you have used. It doesn't matter if you are quoting, paraphrasing or summarising; you must not fail to acknowledge your sources. To use other people's phrases, ideas and findings without acknowledging those is defined as plagiarism.


At the University of Gävle, we use DiVA for for e-publishing and bibliographic documentation of student theses and research publications.


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