Register research publications in DiVA

How to register

Login to DiVA with your user account.

Who is responsible for registrations in DiVA?

The researchers are themselves responsible for registering their own publications in DiVA. It is especially publications published during the author's employment at the University of Gävle that should be registered. It is also possible to register publications that were accrued before the author was employed at the University of Gävle.  
The Research Secretariat and the series editors share the responsibility for registering the volumes in the University's own reports and publishing them in full text in DiVA.  

Why register in DiVA?

DiVA is used to compile and highlight scientific publications. Publication lists and analytical data for evaluation, reporting, and funding applications can be downloaded from DiVA. Dynamic publication lists can be linked on the home pages of researchers, departments, and projects. Publications registered in DiVA are also searchable in the national research publications database SwePub

What should be registered in DiVA?

Mainly scientific works, but also popular books and articles related to the area of research is to be registered in DiVA. DiVA should provide a comprehensive picture of the publications at the University of Gävle, including fulfilment of third stream activities.
The following publications can also be recorded:

  • Works written by non-salaried doctoral candidates with supervisors related to the University of Gävle
  • Works written during leave
  • Works written by emeritus
  • Scientific works written by students
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