Writing Centre

The Writing Centre can support you in all stages of the writing process in Swedish and in English. We can help you find strategies to express your ideas clearly and correctly, while using the proper format. 

What the Writing Centre can do for you

We can support you in your writing process. Typically, we read a few pages together and discuss clarity, how the structure works, and if your language conforms to the demands of the genre scientific writing. There are easy ways to improve clarity, structure, and language use, and we can share those with you.

Book an appointment

You can book an appointment with the Writing Centre to gain support in developing as a writer. Generally, it is a good idea to contact us at least 3-4 working days before you would like to have your appointment.

  1. Send an e-mail to where you state your name, programme or course, type of written assignment and what you would like us to help you with. (Add your phone number if you would like us to contact you via a text message).
  2. We will normally respond via e-mail within a day. Please note that it may take a few days to get an appointment.
  3. We only read 2-3 pages and never read the text as a whole. Moreover, we do not provide any proofreading services.

Do you have a straightforward question?

Via e-mail you can get a response to straightforward questions, and you can also receive short comments on a few pages of your text.

Work on your own

Tips on academic reading strategies

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