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About the website

Information about the website hig.se

Our aim is to build our website in accordance with the guidelines in “24-timmarswebben 2.0.” For the content on the University website, we use XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 2.1. are used for presenting our web pages.

Web browser

Our website is optimally presented in a modern web browser which supports standards, like for instance the most recent versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Mac). Older web browsers will show the same content, but without the design.


Our website contains a number of JavaScripts, for instance in the quick-select menu entry and the search form. None of these functions are crucial for the functionality of our website.


We use cookies. A cookie is a small text file which the website you are visiting asks permissions to store on your computer. Cookies are used to improve service to the visitors of the website, to gather statistics regarding visits and for our own communication.

If you decline use of cookies

You can decline cookies by setting your browser to decline them. In Firefox you vill find the settings: Tools > Privacy – cookies. You can find more information at your web pages help pages.

User guide tips to improve the quality of your visit here on hig.se

Our aim is to make the content on our website as accessible and user friendly as possible for as many as possible. The University’s overarching webpages all follow a common standard. The rest of the pages may vary in design. However, all pages have a common page header and footer with a search function and main menu.

Having the webpage read aloud to you

On our website, you may install Readspeaker. Readspeaker gives the visitor the option to have the content on the webpage read aloud. The icon for having the content read aloud can be found between the preamble and the content space in the toolbar.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used on all our webpages:

0 About the website
1 Home page
3 Web map
4 Search functions
7 Contact

What web browser and what operative system you are using determine how you activate these keyboard shortcuts. In Windows, you usually press the Alt-key while pressing the shortcut key you would like to use. For Macs, use Ctrl+ quick command key. The web browser Opera has another solution: first press Chift+Esc and then the shortcut key. See the help file for your web browser for more information.

Contrast, typeface and text size

If you find the text on our webpage too small or too big, you can easily change the text size by using your web browser’s built-in functions. In most modern web browsers, you change text size by holding down the ctrl-key while scrolling the mouse scroll wheel. If not, you will find options for how to change the text size in the web browser menus.

Printing pages

If you use your web browser’s print function, you can print the text on the website.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments about the website, contact webmaster@hig.se

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