From Design to Practice. School Environments From a Nordic Perspective

The Swedish Research Council has granted funding for researchers in educational sciences at the University of Gävle to build networks for Nordic collaboration during 2018-19.

Funding has been granted for a series of workshops on the theme “From Design to Practice. School Environments from a Nordic Perspective” in collaboration with the University of Iceland, Aarhus University in Copenhagen, Umeå University and University of Oslo. Research seminars and school visits will be conducted in connection with all workshops.

Invited are researchers in education, historians, architects and practitioners, for instance representatives for the European network DRAPES (Design, Research and Practice in Educational Spaces), where Anneli Frelin and Jan Grannäs, from the research group STORIES are members.

For more information about the workshops, click here.

Contact: Anneli Frelin and Jan Grannäs

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