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Collaboration at the Faculty

Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Collaboration with our community, as well as with wider society, is an essential part of the activities of the faculty. Collaborations with companies, organisations, public institutions and agencies and other stakeholders allow us to improve competence levels, create new products, services and ideas and develop our activities. These exchanges take place in a number of different ways, for instance when our students need work experience or when our researchers contribute with new knowledge. Professionals from outside our university also come to us as lecturers, researchers or mentors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to establish collaboration with our students, lecturers or researchers.

Collaboration with students

In our faculty, we have programmes in education, business, religious studies, as well as in real estate brokering and in media and communication.

There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with our students during their studies and our programmes often contain contacts with companies, organisations and public institutions. Project work, placement periods, guest lectures and, for instance, degree projects all enable opportunities for students and working life to meet and engage.

Another good opportunity for you as an employer to meet our students is via Kontaktia, which is our economists’ job market day, or Mäklardagen, our real estate brokers’ special day.

Yet another way to reach our students is through student associations or by placing an ad on our website. (Read more about our job pool here and read more about student associations here.)

Research collaboration

Research in our faculty is carried out within the fields of social science and the humanities within our three departments: Department of Business and Economic Studies, Department of Educational Sciences and Department of Humanities. Our research is often carried out closely to the private or public sector which stimulates a mutual exchange of knowledge, development and new thinking. Read more about our research here.

Collaboration concerning school development, teacher education and research

The Educational centre of development in Gävleborg, RucX, is a platform for collaboration between the University of Gävle and the municipalities in the region. Its activities consist of a formalised network for associates within preschools and schools and for teacher educators, school leaders and researchers within educational sciences. Moreover, the state financed programmes for further education for teachers, Lärarlyftet, are organised here.

All students within teacher education carry out a part of their education at preschools and schools, which are called partner schools.

Read more about placement periods here.

Continuing education for professionals

We tailor further education for professionals. Courses can be adapted according to your wishes regarding content, start and end dates, extent, rate of study, location, examination, credits and more. You may for instance choose between shorter or longer courses within leadership, business studies, English, communication or Swedish as a second language. Single lectures and seminars can also be arranged.


Regionalt utvecklingscentrum, RucX

Signhild Olsson
Telephone: 026-64 89 76
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