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Business Administration

Studies in accounting and auditing aim to prepare students for work in financial administration and accounting/auditing.

Matters relating to financial control (internal accounting and auditing) and external accounting and auditing formats are dealt with and discussed at advanced level.

What is required in order to become an accountant? Becoming an accountant means that certain external requirements have to be met. These requirements are formulated by the Supervisory Board of Public Accountants and are available on their website  http://www.revisorsnamnden.se/rn/english/english.html Becoming a recognised accountant means studying the subject for three years (a total of 180 HE credits) plus an additional three years of practical training with a firm of accountants, with supervision from a recognised or chartered accountant. In order to become a chartered accountant, four years of full-time study (240 HE credits) are required, with an additional five years of practical training with an accountancy firm and supervision from a chartered accountant.

Possible career paths

  • Financial management
  • Financial assistant
  • Controller
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance studies aim to help students take up a career in the financial market.  The aim is that you will be trained to identify, analyse and solve financial problems in companies, banks, of financiers etc. The main areas of focus are financial control, corporate finance, valuation and risk management.

Possible career paths

  • Financial functions in companies, municipalities and public administration
  • Consultant in the field of corporate finance
  • Banks and other financial sectors


Entrepreneurship strives to create ideas and transform them into action.  Entrepreneurship is important in companies, government agencies and non-profit organisations. The courses in entrepreneurship strengthen creative ability and the ability to translate ideas into action.
The aim of entrepreneurship studies is to prepare students to start a business and develop it further. The courses deal with key business issues relating to the market and organisation, as well as matters concerned with individual development and social conditions that affect entrepreneurship. We offer courses at both basic and advanced levels.

Possible career paths

* Own activity in a company or other organisation
* Performance and business development
* Financial consultancy and education

Property Economics

Property Economics can be regarded as an applied discipline in which knowledge about business economics and management, economics and law can be utilised. The common denominator for all the courses included in this field is property as an agency- and sales object. Specialist courses in estate agency and property valuation constitute the core.

Courses in property economics are important aspects of the Estate Agency Programme (180 HE credits) and the Property Management Programme (180 HE credits). The University of Gävle has a long tradition of research and education in the property economics field and, for example, was the first in the country to offer courses in estate agency at higher education level. Our intention is to offer students and industry the most attractive property economics courses and programmes in the country.

The following educational programmes are offered by the department:

* The Estate Agency Programme, 180 HE credits (120 HE credits)
* The Property Management Programme, 180 HE credits

Possible career paths

  • Estate agency
  • Property management
  • Property valuation


Studies in this field prepare students for leadership or management positions in which familiarity with the strategic role of human resources is central — in a global and multicultural business environment.  

Personal qualities play a key role, such as the ability to deal with the turbulent and unpredictable, the innovative and the challenging.

Contemporary management- and organisation theories are integrated with the identification and development of the students´ own leadership/management potential.

Possible career paths

  • Business executive
  • Manager in public organisations
  • Project management
  • Trainee


Marketing is more than just selling something. You must first of all know who to turn to and how you will be perceived — it's about creating a brand! It also involves product development, pricing and distribution strategies. Making sure your message is heard is of vital importance!

The aim is to give students an overall view of the role that marketing plays in different companies and organisations. The courses are also designed to help students see the connections between marketing and strategies with regard to planning, execution and evaluation.

Possible career paths

  • Marketing assistant
  • Marketing manager
  • Production manager
  • Sales manager
  • Consultant

Head of subject
Lars-Johan Åge, professor
Telephone: +46 26 64 88 84
E-mail: lars-johan.age@hig.se 

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