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The Department of Business and Economic Studies offers courses with an economics emphasis in the department´s three degree programmes: the Economics Programme, the Estate Agency Programme and the Property Management Programme, as well as in the Land Survey Programme.

The department is committed to offering competitive courses and programmes in economics, research of high international scientific quality and collaboration with the local community that benefit our students, our research and our region.

Possible career paths

 * Risk analysis in the insurance industry, banks and so on
 * Public finance investigation work in public organisations or companies
 * Management and administration in e.g. the financial sector


Microeconomics includes the economic concepts and theoretical tools that are necessary for an analysis of a society´s economic life at basic level. Traditional microeconomic aspects like economic consumer theory and the theories of supply and demand, production theory and supply theory, the welfare analysis of competitive markets and the theory of general equilibrium are therefore included in the discipline.  In addition, new economic theories have contributed to being able to explain and interpret the world around us. Knowledge about different types of markets, game theory, asymmetric information, externalities and collective utilities is therefore important.


Macroeconomics is about dealing with and analysing economic policies at aggregated level. Traditional macroeconomic objectives include high income level and BNP-growth, full employment and low- and stable inflation.

Financial Economics

Financial Economics relates to financial markets and financial instruments and highlights and applies concepts included in modern financial theoretical education, such as profit and risk, effective portfolios, diversification, foreign exchange transactions, speculation and market efficiency.


Head of Subject
Mats Landström, lecturer
Telephone: +46 26 64 84 82
E-mail: mats.landstrom@hig.se

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