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Gender Studies 

Gender studies is an interdisciplinary discipline which focuses on how we as humans perceive and construct norms and differences concerning “feminine” and “masculine,” and on how these norms and differences have a real impact in our lives. Within the frame of gender studies, feminist research, queer studies and masculinity studies are accommodated. Our courses contain an analysis of historical conceptions of sex, gender and sexuality as well as a theoretical problematization of these and other concepts which have been, and remain, fundamental to gender studies. Overviews of historical changes are combined with thematically arranged in-depth specialisations. Why choose gender studies? The short answer is that to possess gender-critical competence is becoming increasingly important in our society.

Competence in gender-critical analysis is relevant to an analysis of phenomena and the development of activities in widely different fields, for instance in environmental work, teaching, public relations, gender equality work, recruitment, community planning, health care, social work, administration in the private and public sector, cultural work, work with information and investigations, and research in general. As a result, gender studies do not qualify you for a certain profession but rather provide you with skills that are relevant for a vast number of different fields. Gender studies also enable you to apply a gender-critical analysis when studying other subjects. Gender studies courses can be a part of bachelor or master of arts as a minor subject.


Head of Subject
Sarah Ljunqvist, PhD, senior lecturer
Phone: 026-64 89 63
E-mail: slt@hig.se

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