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Research within Swedish is targeted towards different parts of the field Swedish, Nordic languages and linguistics. It is focused on writing research from a number of perspectives, one example being children’s editing of digital texts, on the use of written language and norms of language and texts, on sociolinguistics, on the relationship between language and thinking, on second language research with a focus on vocabulary development, and, finally, on the history of language with a focus on medieval handwritten documents. Our researchers within comparative literature explore narratives in fictions and film from an intersectional gender theoretical perspective, and science fiction and fantasy from an intersectional perspective and from the perspective of philosophy of science, as well as in relation to research ethics in science. A number of the researchers in the group apply a curriculum studies approach.


Head of Subject
Ingrid Björk
Telephone: +46 26 64 82 84
E-mail: ingrid.bjork@hig.se

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