Programme directors

Programme directors at the Faculty of Education and Business Studies.




Bridging Secondary and Upper Secondary Teacher Programme 90 cr and 60 cr

Ingrid Nordqvist

Bridging Secondary and Upper Secondary Teacher Programme for school year 4-6 75 cr

Katarina Florin

Legal Science Programme towards Tax Law and Real Estate Law 180 cr

Börje Leidhammar

Master of Educational Science

Johan Liljestrand

Master Programme in Business Administation 60 cr

Mattias Hamberg

Master Programme in Business Administration (MBA): Business Management 60 cr

Olivia Kang

Master Programme in Religious Studies 120 cr

Jari Ristiniemi

Placement internship coordinator

Maryam Bourbour

Preschool Teacher Education Programme 210 cr

Anna Eriksson

Study Programme in Business Administration 180 cr

Tommy Gerdemark

Study Programme in Humans - Culture - Religion 180 cr

Olov Dahlin

Study Programme in Media and communication 180 cr

Jan Sjölund

Study Programme in Real Estate Brokering 180 cr

Jonas Molin

The Subject Teacher Programme for Upper-secondary School 300 cr

Ingrid Nordqvist

The Teacher Training Programme 240/180 cr

Katarina Florin

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