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Research at the Faculty

Research at the Faculty of Education and Business Studies.

Business Administration

Research projects

Ahlenius, Martin, senior lecturer
Ahmadi, Zahra, senior lecturer
Arbin, Katarina, senior lecturer
Brunåker, Svante, senior lecturer
Fjellström, Daniella, docent
Gerdemark, Tommy, senior lecturer
Hamberg, Mattias, professor
Hartwig, Fredrik, senior lecturer
Homayoun, Saeid, senior lecturer
Huda Chowdhury, Ehsanul, docent
Jernberg, Signe, senior lecturer
Kang, Olivia, senior lecturer
Kurvinen, Jaana, senior lecturer
Kvarnström, Emilia, senior lecturer
Kågström, Jonas, senior lecturer
Mutiganda, Jean Claude, docent
Osarenkhoe, Aihie, professor
Rydback, Michelle, senior lecturer
Svanberg, Jan, docent
Strömberg, Annika, docent
Wallmon, Monika, senior lecturer
Åge, Lars-Johan, professor



Landström, Mats, senior lecturer

Educational Sciences

Research in educational sciences at the University is primarily concerned with education and its context from a variety of pedagogical and subject specific educational perspectives. The primary focus is on the formal education system as a whole, from preschool, school, and after-school care to higher education at universities and university colleges. Educational Sciences is strongly linked to the strategic research area Innovative Learning.

Curriculum Studies

Curriculum studies is the study of teaching. Research in curriculum studies at the University focuses broadly on (relationships between) content, teachers, and learners, and on questions such as why teaching is structured as it is, on what objectives and content are selected, on how teaching can be carried out, who the teaching is intended for, and when and where teaching can be carried out. Drawing on research on teaching and/or learning environments, aspects that condition teaching and learning processes are also studied. These may include, for example, historical contexts, social ideas, educational organisations, the physical environment, how teaching can be understood and experienced by different actors, as well as the norms, values, and patterns of action that may determine different choices and approaches.

Researchers Curriculum Studies

Research in education conducted at University of Gävle addresses three levels: individual and group level, activity level, and societal level, all with a particular focus on learning processes. This is manifested in research which has explicit interests in processes, forms, and content of teaching, as well as in learning and in fostering. Projects pay particular attention to social sustainability and social justice, inclusive processes, study and career guidance, special needs education in learning, health education, assessment research, leadership research, learning in working life, studies on identity development, comparative studies, the different conditions of subject studies and educational action plans, and to curriculum theory research. The interest in learning processes thus moves across the different levels, both within and outside the education system, both nationally and internationally, and hence provides exemplifications of how humans are shaped and changed by different social, cultural, and historical contexts.

Researchers Education

Bergstrand, Ulrika, senior lecturer
Björklund, Erika, senior lecturer
Bourbour, Maryam, senior lecturer
Eriksson, Erika, senior lecturer
Francia, Guadalupe, professor
Gill, Peter, professor emeritus
Kalinnikova, Liya, docent
Liljestrand, Johan, docent
Mikhaylova, Tatiana, senior lecturer
Pettersson, Daniel, professor

Doctoral students Education
Art Education

Art Education is an interdisciplinary subject and field of knowledge in which aesthetic, pedagogical, and theoretical aspects of image communication, image analysis and practical image-making processes are of central importance. The subject explores and problematises the role and place of images in society within education and within a broader societal context. Research in art education takes an interest in visual culture in a broad sense as well as in more subject-specific issues in relation to learning, teaching, and knowledge development in the context of both voluntary and compulsory schooling.

Researchers Art Education

O Magnusson, Lena, senior lecturer



Cananau, Iulian, senior lecturer
Kaatari, Henrik, senior lecturer
Modiano, Marko, professor
Thomas, Kavita, senior lecturer

Gender Studies


Ljungquist, Sarah, senior lecturer

Doctoral students



Ek, Mikael, senior lecturer
Grylin, Hanna, senior lecturer
Kristoffersson, Eleonor, gästprofessor
Leidhammar, Börje, adjungerad professor
Söderlund, Jenny, senior lecturer

Media and Communication Studies


Edin, Anna, professor
Israelson, Per, senior lecturer
Lövgren, Karin, senior lecturer
Vesterlund, Per, senior lecturer

Religious Studies


Dahlin, Olov, senior lecturer
Jahnke, Fredrik, senior lecturer
Jonbäck, Francis, senior lecturer
Larsson, Stefan, senior lecturer
Lindgren Ödén, Birgit, senior lecturer
Ristiniemi, Jari, professor
Thalén, Peder, professor



Annell, Cecilia, senior lecturer
Björk, Ingrid, senior lecturer
Blückert, Ann, senior lecturer
Christensson, Johan, senior lecturer
Farstad, Britt, senior lecturer
Widbäck, Anders, senior lecturer
Wistrand, Helena, senior lecturer

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