ROLE - Research On Learning Environments

ROLE inquires into educational environments using relational and spatial perspectives. Our aim is to contribute to research leading to better conditions for teaching, learning and social sustainability.

We study pedagogical and didactical aspects of relations betweeen (a), design and usage of schools, preschools and playgrounds, artefacts such as furniture and technology, (b), conceptions of education and its purposes among students, staff and management, and (c), social practices in education - relationships in schools, preschools and leisure pedagogy.


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Example of learning environment. Photo: Anneli Frelin

Example of learning environment. Photo: Anneli Frelin

Finished research projects

  • Building school - collaboration with architect Suzanne de Laval, post occupancy evaluation in nine schools using walk through evaluation.
  • Building a sustainable educational environment - the pilot study examined a newly opened secondary school, purposefully created to counteract segregation
  • Interstices in school - I projektet Skolans mellanrum undersöktes relationsarbete för att åstadkomma en trygg skola för eleverna i en nyligen ombyggd skola
  • Youth and sustainable participatory citizenship  

Publications from members

Aktuella publikationer

Refereegranskade artiklar

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Professor Anneli Frelin

Docent Jan Grannäs

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