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ROLE – Research On Learning Environments

ROLE inquires into educational environments using relational and spatial perspectives, with an aim to contribute to research leading to better conditions for teaching, learning and social sustainability.

ROLE studies pedagogical and didactical aspects of relations between (a), design and usage of schools, preschools and playgrounds, artefacts such as furniture and technology, (b), conceptions of education and its purposes among students, staff and management, in particular during transitions into new kinds of learning environments including hybrid and multi-zone ones (c) teacher and student agency in learning environments, (d) technological surveillance and safety in schools, and (e), social practices in education – relationships in schools, preschools and leisure pedagogy.

  • Ongoing research projects
    • A learning-environment testbed to evaluate benefits for lighting beyond retrofits
    • Success factors for functional preschool environments
    • CoReD - Collaborative Redesign with Schools
    • Research study on learning environments in two schools
    • Multifunction house Southern Hemlingby
    • Sustainable relational professionality (dissertation project)

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Example of learning environment. Photo: Anneli Frelin

Example of learning environment. Photo: Anneli Frelin

Finished research projects

Finished research projects

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Vetenskapliga artiklar, ej refereegranskade

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Professor Anneli Frelin anneli.frelin@hig.se

Docent Jan Grannäs jan.grannas@hig.se

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