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SEEDS - Studies in Education for Equity, Democracy and Sustainability

The research group SEEDS is a part of the area Educational science. They study how educational processes and policies are motivated, shaped, told and retold in text and practice with a special focus on democracy, equity, power and ethics. 

The aim of the SEEDS research group is to investigate education and learning environments for social sustainability in different areas and at different levels. The relations between the variability and stability of education and the learning environment in practice, policy and/or research are illustrated by an openness to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. An important starting point is that all practice is based on ideas that are important to make visible and that relate to people's own circumstances.

Questions relating to the circumstances of individuals and groups, learning conditions, the teaching profession, assessment practices and subject structures are highlighted, because they are regarded as important dimensions for promoting social sustainability in learning environments and educational practices in general.

Examples of research areas
  • The school’s and university’s democratic and equality work
  • Subject constructions in general
  • The interplay between social and cultural equity in different learning environments
  • Sustainability in higher education
  • The importance of language for interpreting and critical thinking in education
  • When, where, how and why relations are created and maintained that contribute to safer and equivalent learning environments
  • How different kinds of violence, such as bullying and discrimination, can be understood and counteracted in education from a holistic perspective
  • How power appears and is manifested in fictional and factual narratives with a focus on education and learning environments
  • Teachers’ and teacher educators’ professionalism in relation to democracy, knowledge and equality
  • Policy implications for educational work directed at vulnerable children’s groups
  • Inclusive and exclusive practices in the educational system in both national and international contexts
  • Educational policies for sustainable development, equivalence, equal opportunities, inclusion and equity
  • Intertextual, comparative and international policy analyses with a focus on equity and democracy
  • Study and career guidance on equity
  • Comparative studies on extreme right-wing parties’ educational policy and the consequences for education, teaching and learning
  • Studies of assessment practices and their different consequences
  • Knowledge production in the intersection between society and the scientific community

External projects

  • Utmaningar och möjligheter i planeringen av studie- och yrkesvägledning (ULF)
  • The Pedagogical task of School-Age Educare Centers (iFous)
  • What happened in Sweden over the last 40 years (FORTE)
  • Synteser av arbetslivsforskning (FORTE)
  • A strategy against bullying in a Swedish Municipal (Gävle kommun)
  • History and moral encounters: Exploring theoretical and empirical intersections of historical and moral consciousness from a history didactic perspective (Vetenskapsrådet)
  • Discovering Youth Perspective through Activism and Leadership: Insights from Northwest Russia and the Nordic states (Nordiska Ministerrådet)
  • Erasmus+ project on Higher education student and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries (Europeiska komissionen)
  • Linnaeus-Palme: on teacher development (Linnaeus-Palme, universitets- och högskolerådet)
  • Linneus-Palme projekt: Inklusion och social hållbarhet (Linnaeus-Palme, universitets- och högskolerådet)
  • PARENTable -communicating with parents of newly migrated children (Erasmus KA2 projekt)


NordSTEP Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy

Research coverage regarding Equity: Skolverket rörande likvärdighet och utbildning

Research coverage: UNESCO

Research Program Democracy and Equality

The research group SEEDS is strongly linked to the research program Democracy and Equality found within the strategic research area Innovative Learning.

Researchers in SEEDS

SEEDS includes researchers in the fields of pedagogy, didactics/curriculum studies, special education, the humanities, criminology and health education who are involved in research projects and studies relating to education and learning environments for social sustainability in different educational arenas. The group consists of professors, associate professors, lecturers, PhD students and a number of associated national and international members.

Steering Group

Silvia Edling, professor in curriculum studies
Contact: silvia.edling@hig.se

Guadalupe Francia, professor in pedagogy
Contact: guadalupe.francia@hig.se

Daniel Pettersson, professor in pedagogy
Contact: daniel.pettersson@hig.se

Administrative support:
Tatiana Mikhaylova, PhD student in pedagogy
Contact: tatiana.mikhaylova@edu.uu.se


Nina Begovic Jönsson, PhD-student in the Swedish Language
Contact: nina.begovic@hig.se

Ulrika Bergstrand, PhD-student in pedagogy
Contact: Ulrika.Bergstrand@hig.se

Cresantus Biamba, senior lecturer in pedagogy
Contact: Cresantus.Biamba@hig.se

Erika Björklund, senior lecturer in pedagogy,
Contact: erika.bjorlund@hig.se 

Erika Eriksson, lecturer in pedagogy
Contact: Erika.Eriksson@hig.se

Katarina Florin, adjunct in pedagogy
Contact: Katarina.Florin@hig.se

Björn Haglund, lecturer in curriculum studies, associate professor in child and youth science
Contact: bjorn.haglund@hig.se

Liya Kalinnikova Magnusson, senior lecturer in pedagogy
Contact: Liya.Kalinnikova@hig.se

Kia Kimhag, adjunct in pedagogy
Contact: Kia.Kimhag@hig.se

Sarah Ljungquist, senior lecturer in the Swedish language and gender reserarch, Contact: sarah.ljungquist@hig.se

Kristina Mårtensson, PhD-student in pedagogy,
Contact: Kristina.Martensson@hig.se

El Mostafa Oubejji, PhD-student in curriculum studies
Contact: El.Mostafa.Oubejji@hig.se

Vivi Gumula Rafaelsen, adjunct in pedagogy
Contact: Vivi.Rafaelsen@hig.se

Sofia Wikman, associate professor in criminology
Contact: sofia.wikman@hig.se

Associate Members

Marie Parker-Jenkins, professor in education, Limerick University
Contact: :marie.parker.jenkins@ul.ie

Ana Ancheta Arrabal, University of Valencia
Contact: ana.ancheta@uv.es

Marco Catarci, professor in education, University Degli Study Roma
Contact: marco.catarci@uniroma3.it

Carolyn, Shields, professor in education and leadership, Wayne State University,
Contact: cshields@wayne.edu

Cendel, Karaman, associate professor in education, Middle east technical university, Turkey
Contact: cendel@metu.edu.tr

Elisabetta, Biffi, associate professor in education, University of Milan Biccoca, Italy
Contact: elisabetta.biffi@unimib.it

Geraldine, Mooney Simmie, associate profesor, University of Limerick, Ireland
Contact: geraldine.mooney.simmie@ul.ie

Jason, Dorio, PhD and lecturer in international and comparative education,
Contact: jndorio@ucla.edu

My, Lilja, lektor i kriminologi
Contact: my.lilja@mao.se

Todd, Price, professor in teaching and learning, National Louis University, USA,
Contact: TPrice@nl.edu

Sheila, Macrine, professor in education, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Contact: smacrine@umassd.edu

Hillevi, Lenz Taguchi, professor, Child and Youth studies, Stockholm University
Contact: hillevi.lenz-taguchi@buv.su.se

Silvia Gringberg, professor, Mälardalen University
Contact: grinberg.silvia@gmail.com

Frida Hessel, PhD student, Mälardalen University
Contact: fridahessel@ gmail.com

Linda Jonsson, Mälardalen University
Contact: linda.jonsson@mdh.se


All publications from the members of the Research Group SEEDS.


Administrative support:

Tatiana Mikhaylova, PhD student in pedagogy
E-mail: tatiana.mikhaylova@edu.uu.se

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