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Research presentation

Agneta Sundström

Research presentation

Agneta Sundström

Senior lecturer, docent

Research subject: Business Administration

Agneta Sundström has since 1995 been employed at the University of Gävle, Department of Business Administration and Economics. She earned her PhD in 2009 with the thesis Globalization, CSR and Business Legitimacy in the Local Relationships. Within the Economic Department she is part of the research group Sustainable Markets which is one of three themes in the research area Sustainable Business Relations (HAR). The focus in the theme Sustainable Markets is on how businesses by acting as market-oriented contribute to sustainable development through cooperation. She has extensive experience in supervising students at basic and advanced levels and supervises two PhD students.


Agneta's research is directed towards the study of issues related to national/international business relations (Supply Chain), sustainable identity and value (social, environmental and economic) and innovative market orientation. Agneta is also included in the research group Center for Logistics and Innovative Production, CLIP, with the study of the implementation of CSR/sustainability of global corporate supply chains.


Doctoral thesis

Sundström, A. (2009). Globalization, CSR and Business Legitimacy in Local Relationships. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2009. Uppsala: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 56 p. (Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae 2009:23) External link [More information]

Book chapters

Sundström, A. (2017). University sustainability identity - the role of identity, image and reputation. A good life for all : Essays on sustainability celebrating 60 years of making life better. Mjölby: Atremi AB. P. 9-20. [More information]
Sammalisto, K. & Sundström, A. (2013). Utmaningar vid implementering av CSR i globala försörjningskedjor. Innovation eller kvartalskapitalism? : Utmaningar för global svensk produktion. Stockholm: Liber. P. 91-108. [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M. & Sundström, A. (2009). Emerging Corporate Social Responsibility : Consumer Cooperatives in Sweden. Globalization, CSR and business legitimacy in local relationships. Uppsala: SLU Service/Repro. External link [More information]
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