Research presentation

Arne Fagerström

Research presentation

Arne Fagerström

Professor, senior

Research subject: Business Administration

Senior professor Arne Fagerström work in the subject Accounting which includes Management Accounting and Corporate Finance.


Senior professor Arne Fagerström is conducting research on the development of Accounting theory for sustainable business and also on estate property Enterprise economy.



  • Four year technical college 1972
  • BA Gothenburg University, Sweden 1990
  • Doctoral programme Research courses Gothenburg University 120 ECTS (2 years) 1996
  • Doctor of Science degree in Accounting, 240 ECTS Åbo Akademi University Finland 2002
  • Fagerström, A., (2002) Group Accounting Across Borders, Doctoral thesis, Åbo Akademi Press
  • Evaluated as associated professor in accounting (docent) Åbo Akademi University 2008

Actual position: Professor in accounting and finance, University of Gävle Sweden

Previous positions

  • Partner and auditor Alingsås Redovisningstjänst AB 1975-1981
  • Chief Accountant Gotaverken Energy Group 1982-1983
  • Financial Manager Svenska Maskinverken AB 1983-1984
  • Controller Gotaverken Energy Group 1985-1990
  • Accounting teacher Gothenburg School of Economics, 1990-1997 (part-time)
  • Guest researcher Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 1993-1994
  • Senior lecturer, Högskolan in Borås 1994 -2000
  • Senior lecturer BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway 1997-2000
  • Guest lecturer Mid Sweden University 1990-2007
  • Guest lecturer Stockholm University, 2002-2005
  • Senior lecturer Linköping University, 2003 - 2010 (part-time)
  • Senior lecturer Åbo Akademi University, Finland 2006 – 2009
  • Associated professor Jönköping International Business School 2010- 2011
  • Associated professor Åbo Akademi University 2009 – July 2012 (Part time)

Assignments and Industrial experience

  • Several interviews in national Radio and TV regarding cost structures in the housing sector in Sweden during 1994 to 2006.
  • A Framtiden koncernen, en analys 1993 till 1996, Göteborg 1997
  • IT Kostnader vid Linköpings Universitet, (IT Costs at LinköpingUniversity) Linköpings Universitet, rapport 2004
  • Finansförvaltningen i Stockholm och Göteborgs Kommun koncerner, (Finance set up in Stockholm and Gothenburg) Stockholm 2004
  • Hyror, en kalkylmodell (Property rent a calculation model) – AB Gavlegårdarna, Gävle 2006 and 2013
  • Sunrod International, ABB Group, set up of group accounting 1986-1988
  • Gotaverken do Brazil, development of administrative routines 1988-1990
  • Concernspecialisterna AB, development of consolidation systems for PC 1987-1991
  • Swedish Teriac and Vinmonopolet AS, market penetration Far East 1995-1996
  • Kvearner Group, evaluation of Russian paper and pulp industry 1993
  • Researcher Swedish Tenants Organization, cost structures in property companies, a yearly study 1995-2008
  • Mineral Exporters S/A, investment and field study in Brazil 2000-2001
  • Chairman of the board, ATS Kraftservice Group (Turnover > 100 M.SEK) Sweden 2005-2007
  • Researcher for a new Swedish Law Proposal: Tenants rent calculation model in the Swedish property market 2010-2013

International experience

Country experiences and visits

Brazil – five years, Denmark – five years, Finland – six years, India – one year, Portugal – six month, Russia six months, Thailand – two years, Slovakia – one year, Ukraine one year, United States – six month. Shorter visits at: Austria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Tunisia, Slovenia, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, Venezuela

Language skills

  • Swedish – mother tongue
  • English – Fluent and Danish – Fluent
  • German– Good knowledge
  • Portuguese – Good knowledge
  • Spanish – Fair knowledge
  • Russian – Freshman
  • Thai - Freshman
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