Research presentation

Arne Fagerström

Research presentation

Arne Fagerström

Professor, senior

Research subject: Business Administration

Senior professor Arne Fagerström work in the subject Accounting which includes Management Accounting and Corporate Finance.


Senior professor Arne Fagerström is conducting research on the development of Accounting theory for sustainable business and also on estate property Enterprise economy.


Summary of teaching activities

My first teaching experiences were during my military service when I teach military subjects to our soldiers. During my studies in 1970s I did work extra as school teacher for pupils 10 -16 years old.

Being a school teacher gave me good experience on how to handle disciplinary issues and a lot more. My old professor Lennart Eriksson asked me after my studies if I would like to be extra teacher at Gothenburg School of Economics and from Lennart and Sten-Eric Ingblad did I get many insights concerning teaching at a university level. I had some few big lectures and a lot of classroom teaching in smaller groups during these years. When I got back from Industry to university work, as main profession (1990), teaching for Industry was a natural bridge. Teaching the subject, group accounting issues for chief accountants of different groups. I had invented a case and consolidation programme and used a lot of PC based teaching. One other larger assignment in the beginning of 1990s was to take care of and build up an international master education with Gent University, Cork University, Grenoble Business School and Napoli University. These projects gave me valuable knowledge in academic cooperation and teaching in different countries. I am fond of teaching and I was happy when this appreciation appeared to be mutual. In my students at Gothenburg School of Economics nominated me as best teacher of the year.

When I got a new position in University of Borås was my main task to build up a master programme in accounting and teach in that. We also had a very active international cooperation with EU projects in Maribor University Slovenia and in Comenius University Bratislava Slovakia with development of curriculums and teaching. In the end of 1990s we also organized annual international conferences in India, Jaipur, Manali and Bangalore. These activities gave me some vulnerable knowledge in academic work overseas. My teaching activities has been international as well as my interest area international accounting and accounting theory. Without a lot of studies in language is international cooperation not possible. My English is on good working level (see certificate) and besides Swedish I master Danish and Portuguese on a fluent basis. My German is good but could be better.

I have always been interested in teaching and tried to learn from the universities where I came during my 25 years in academics. Problem based teaching in Linköping University and how to supervise thesis and doctoral students is some areas where I have learned a lot from courses and colleagues. During the last couple of years have I worked a lot with teaching by use of internet to students on “distance”. By recording lectures and give seminars over internet as well as supervision by Skype. Recording The development of distance pedagogy is an interest and also an area under development for me

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