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Research presentation

Jean Claude Mutiganda

Research presentation

Jean Claude Mutiganda

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Business Administration

Email: jean.claude.mutiganda@hig.se
Telephone: +46 26 64 85 00 (operator)

I am doctor of science in economics and business administration with specialisation in accounting. I teach accounting courses at bachelor and master levels. For example, cost accounting, management accounting, analysis of financial statements, advanced management accounting and financial management. I supervise theses at bachelor and master levels. I have published in influential journals, such as Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Financial Accountability and Management, Public Money and Management, Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management and International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management.


My ongoing research projects have a focus on performance measurement and management, organisational learning and change, critical realism and CSR.


Scholarly articles, refereed

Alsaid, L. & Mutiganda, J. (2023). ABC as a Multi-Lens Sustainability Reporting System in Smart Cities. Sustainability, 15 (12). 10.3390/su15129357 [More information]
Mutiganda, J., Skoog, M. & Igudia, E. (2023). Understanding the process of improving accessibility and affordability of inter-municipal bus transport system. European Transport Research Review, 15 (1). 10.1186/s12544-023-00598-x [More information]
Mutiganda, J., Wiitavaara, B., Heiden, M., Svensson, S., Fagerström, A., Bergström, G. & Aboagye, E. (2022). A systematic review of the research on telework and organizational economic performance indicators. Frontiers in Psychology, 13. 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.1035310 [More information]
Svensson, S., Hallman, D., Mathiassen, S., Heiden, M., Fagerström, A., Mutiganda, J. & Bergström, G. (2022). Flexible work: Opportunity and Challenge (FLOC) for individual, social and economic sustainability. Protocol for a prospective cohort study of non-standard employment and flexible work arrangements in Sweden. BMJ Open, 12 (7). 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-057409 [More information]
Wiitavaara, B., Strömberg, A., Mutiganda, J., Svensson, M., Hallman, D. & Svensson, S. (2022). Like a fire brigade, but without pay - Experiences of temporary employment among workers in Swedish elderly care. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being. [Submitted] [More information]
Fagerström, A., Hartwig, F. & Mutiganda, J. (2021). A New and Extended Balance Sheet for Sustainable Business. Sustainability and Climate Change, 14 (5), 282-287. 10.1089/scc.2021.0023 [More information]
Mutiganda, J., Skoog, M. & Grossi, G. (2021). Investigating the implementation of and accountability in PPPs : a case study in public water management. Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies, 11 (1), 122-146. 10.1108/JAEE-01-2019-0025 [More information]
Mutiganda, J. (2021). The influence of dissensus on governmentality during competitive tendering : A longitudinal field study. Corporate Ownership & Control, 19 (1), 29-41. 10.22495/cocv19i1art3 [More information]
Mutiganda, J. & Järvinen, J. (2021). Understanding political accountability in a strong structuration framework. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 34 (9), 80-103. 10.1108/AAAJ-12-2017-3264 [More information]
Alsaid, L. & Mutiganda, J. (2020). Accounting and Smart Cities : New Evidence for Governmentality and Politics. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17 (3), 158-170. 10.22495/cocv17i3art12 [More information]
Mutiganda, J., Grossi, G. & Hassel, L. (2020). Investigation of communication in budgetary accountability routines. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management/Emerald, 17 (3), 321-344. 10.1108/QRAM-06-2018-0039 [More information]
Alsaid, L. & Mutiganda, J. (2018). Political and business leaderships in managing public service organisation. Corporate Ownership & Control, 15 (4). 10.22495/cocv15i4art2 [More information]
Mutiganda, J. (2016). Financial management of public services in a hybrid organisation : A learning approach in inter-organisational settings. International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management, 2 (4), 310-330. 10.1504/IJPSPM.2016.079715 [More information]
Mutiganda, J. (2016). How do politicians shape and use budgets to govern public sector organizations? : A position-practice approach. Public Money & Management, 36 (7), 491-498. 10.1080/09540962.2016.1237133 [More information]
Mutiganda, J., Hassel, L. & Fagerström, A. (2013). Accounting for Competition, ‘Circuits of Power’ and Negotiated Order between Not-For-Profit and Public Sector Organisations. Financial Accountability and Management, 29 (4), 378-396. 10.1111/faam.12023 [More information]
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