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Research presentation

Jonas Kågström

Research presentation

Jonas Kågström

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Business Administration

With a PhD from the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala, Jonas research focuses on how consumers make environmental decisions and “green” marketing. He is especially interested in morally difficult consumption choices and how consumers change perspectives when goods/services have different kinds of “environmental certifications”. Jonas has worked on recycling in the Gävle area since 2003.


Current research is focused on sustainability issues in sales. More specifically job performance, burnout and the role of personalities in everything from recruitment to long term success in vocational roles. This is done in co-operation with the Real Estate businesses in Sweden in a 3-year research project. A parallel track concerns sustainability reporting and green marketing where politics, economy and environmental issues interact – in a word: “sustainability”.


Scholarly articles, refereed

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Ahlenius, M., Berggren, B. & Kågström, J. (2021). Exploring Motivational Factors Among High Performing Real Estate Brokers : The Swedish Case. Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 23 (1), 20-37. 10.1080/15214842.2021.2006892 [More information]
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Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Hartwig, F., Fagerström, A. & Kågström, J. (2018). Redovisning av externaliteter - några reflektioner. Balans : tidskrift för redovisning och revision, 3, 25-28. External link [More information]
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