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Research presentation

Saeid Homayoun

Research presentation

Saeid Homayoun

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Business Administration

Email: saeid.homayoun@hig.se
Telephone: +46 26 64 85 00 (operator)

Saeid Homayoun is PhD and lecturer of Accounting and Control at the University of Gävle. He received his PhD from Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. He has published over 15 articles in accounting and business journals. He has an experience of teaching for several subjects of Accounting such as Accounting Theory, Advanced Financial Accounting and Auditing. He worked 10 years with Accounting and Auditing professional experience.


His research deals with Sustainability issue related to Accounting and Auditing.


Conference papers

Rezaee, Z., Homayoun, S. & Poursoleyman,, E. (2022). Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability Disclosures: Evidence from EU and US. Proceedings European Financial Management Association 2022 Annual Meetings. External link [More information]
Bagherian Kasgari, A., Mousavi, H. & Homayoun, S. (2020). Extensible Visual Business Intelligence for Analyzing XBRL Big Data on Blockchain. Eurofiling Online Conferences 2020 TECTONIC SHIFT : HOW DATA TECHNOLOGIES TRANSFORM FINANCIAL SECTOR’S REGULATION AND SUPERVISION. Liasion officer: Ignacio Boixo, Eurofiling Foundation. External link [More information]
Homayoun, S. & Rezaee, Z. (2020). Global Analysis of Factors and Determinants of Sustainability Reporting and Assurance. AAA, Global Regulatory Bodies : Global Analysis of Factors and Determinants of Sustainability Reporting and Assurance: American Accounting Association. External link [More information]
Rezaee, Z., Homayoun, S. & Mora, M. (2017). Integration of real-time analysis of big data into sustainability attributes. XBRL Academic Track Proceedings : Proceedings of the XBRL Academic Track co-located with Eurofiling XBRL week in Frankfurt and 19th XBRL Europe day (XBRL 2017): CEUR-WS. External link [More information]
von Koch, C., Nilsson, O., Jönsson, M. & Homayoun, S. (2013). The interaction between country-level and firm-level corporate governance. . [More information]
Homayoun, S., Homayoun, S., Johansson, J. & Malmström, M. (2013). The role of accounting accruals’ for information content of earning and cash flows for Malaysia Public Listed companies. International Conference on Economics and Finance Management. P. 69-74. [More information]
Homayoun, S., Rezaee, Z. & Bashiri, N. (2011). Fraud prevention strategies on different types of corporate fraud. . [More information]
Quigley, B., Mohamad, S. & Homayoun, S. (2011). Measuring the performance of Islamic banks : what is the most reliable indicator?. . [More information]
Homayoun, S. & Abdul Rahman, R. (2010). Corporate governance, firm characteristics and web-based corporate reporting : Evidence in Malaysia. . [More information]
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