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Research presentation

Christina Gustafsson

Research presentation

Christina Gustafsson

Professor emerita

Research subject: Curriculum studies

Christina Gustafsson is professor emerita of Curriculum studies and professor emerita of Education


The degree project in teacher training programmes. Evaluation of higher education. Evaluation of higher education teachers' and researchers' qualifications.


Education and academic positions

Degree of Bachelor of Arts at University of Göteborg, 1970
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Education) at University of Stockholm, 1977
Postgraduate Teaching Certificate (one year course to teach psychology in upper secondary education and pedagogy at higher education level) at University of Göteborg, 1983
Accepted as Associated Professor in Education at Uppsala University, 1984
Employed as Professor of Education at Uppsala University, 1999
Employed as Guest Professor of Curriculum studies/Head of Research of Educational sciences at University of Gävle, 2003/2009

Employment history

At the Department of Education, University of Göteborg, the Ministry of Education, the National Board of Education, the Department of Education, Uppsala University and at the Faculty of Education and Business Studies, University of Gävle.


Principal supervisor for fourteen graduate students and second supervisor for six graduate students, who got their degrees of doctor in Uppsala, in Linköping, at Åbo Akademi och in Örebro.

Research projects

Research funding has been obtained from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (1970s), National Board of Education (1970s and 1980s), Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (1980s), Swedish Employers’ Confederation (1980s), National Agency for Education (1990s), National Agency for Higher Education (1990s) and Swedish Research Council (2000s).

In all cases, except the funding from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and an early activity financed by National Board of Education, the assignments/program responsibilities have been associated with both responsibilities for the scientific management and the operational work in the projects.

Commission of trust (examples)

Member of examining committees in relation to doctoral thesis:

About 35 times at different departments at Uppsala University and educational departments at other Swedish institutions.

External reviewer/Opponent:

External reviewer/Opponent in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and several times reviewer of thesis manuscripts (75%, 90%) at the own or other educational departments.

External expert/subject specialist of academic appointments/employments:

More than 60 assignments as external expert in Sweden and Norway in relation to senior lectureships - most often in education, in relation to promotions in education and other subjects, in relation to research posts, in relation to professor positions - most often in education, in relation to evaluation of competence as associate professor, and in Norway in relation to assistant professor positions and professor positions.

External expert in connection with applications for external funding:

Applications to Work Environment Fund, to Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, to Swedish Research Council (Member of the review panel for curriculum studies in the Committee for Educational Sciences during six years) and to Research Council of Norway.

Reviewer of articles in:

Evaluation and Program Planning
MoRE (Montessori Research and Education)
Pedagogisk Forskning i Sverige
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Teaching and Teacher Education
Tidsskrift for Nordisk barnehageforskning

Completed assignments at Uppsala University:

Head of department of Education during six years; Member of the Board of the Social Science Faculty during twelve years; Member of the Teacher College Research Board during three years; Member and vice chairman of the Social Science Faculty’s Appointments Board (professor positions and postdoctoral research fellows) during three years; Member of the Steering Group for Uppsala University’s work concerning quality assurance and evaluation during five years; Member and vice chairman of the Management and Steering Group for Uppsala University’s work concerning quality assurance and evaluation during three years; Chairman of the Social Science Faculty’s Appointments Board (lectureships) during 20 years; Member in the The Sasakawa Young Leaders’ Fellowship Committee during six years.

at University college of Örebro:

Member of the Research Board during five years; Member of Appointments Board for social sciences during four years.

at University college of Gävle:

Member of the Research Advisory Group (associated to the Teacher Training Board) during three years; Deputy during three years/Member during three years of the Study Programmes and Research Board; Research Director of educational sciences during seven years.

Furthermore, member of committees, reference groups, several internal and external elector groups, and the author/co-author of several comments on proposals circulated for consideration.

Commissions related to examining and assessment of Nordic higher education:

Since 1995 member of the evaluation panels at National Agency for Higher Education:

  • education and training for the medical and paramedical professions – first time 113 study programs and second time 84 study programs
  • assessments of quality assurance at Swedish universities and university colleges
  • appraisal of degree-awarding powers to emit diplomas and to offer teacher training programmes.

Committee member of a pilot study (commission from The Swedish Association of Business Administration Graduates) to assess three Swedish business administration study programs (1996).
Member of panel: evaluation of education and curriculum studies conducted by National Agency for Higher Education (2008-2012)
Evaluation of scientific quality and research activity at Örebro University (2000) and University of Bergen, Norway (2004).
Evaluation committee member in Norway aiming at assess the one-year programme of teacher education (theory and practice) (2001).
Member of the Scientific Programme Committee (“styringsgruppe”) of research projects at University Colleges, the Research Council of Norway 2008 – 2012.
Member of panel: evaluation of education and curriculum studies conducted by Swedish Higher Education Authority, 2013 – 2014
Member of the Scientific Programme Committee (“styringsgruppe”) of The scheme for national research schools (Forskerskoler), the Research Council of Norway 2013 – 2018.
Member of International Panel with commission to evaluate the PHD programme at Roskilde University 2020.

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