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Research presentation

Cresantus Biamba

Cresantus Biamba har omfattande forskningskompetens och ett aktivt intresse inom områdena ledarskap och management, organisatoriska förändringar och kultur, skolans effektivitet och förbättring, kompetensutveckling för lärare, utbildning för hållbar utveckling.

Research presentation

Cresantus Biamba

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Curriculum studies
Research domain: Educational Science




Scholarly articles, refereed

Abid, R., Iwendi, C., Javed, A., Rizwan, M., Jalil, Z., Anajemba, J. & Biamba, C. (2023). An optimised homomorphic CRT-RSA algorithm for secure and efficient communication. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 27, 1405-1418. 10.1007/s00779-021-01607-3 [More information]
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Yin, F., Jiao, X., Zhou, J., Yin, X., Ibeke, E., Iwendi, M. & Biamba, C. (2022). Fintech application on banking stability using Big Data of an emerging economy. Journal of Cloud Computing - Advances, Systems and Applications, 11 (1). 10.1186/s13677-022-00320-7 [More information]
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Zhou, J., Hai, T., Jawawi, D., Wang, D., Ibeke, E. & Biamba, C. (2022). Voice spoofing countermeasure for voice replay attacks using deep learning. Journal of Cloud Computing, 11 (1). 10.1186/s13677-022-00306-5 [More information]
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Biamba, C. (2016). Inclusion and Classroom Practices in a Swedish school : A case study of a school in Stockholm. Journal of Education and Practice, 7 (3), 119-124. External link [More information]
Biamba, C. (2014). The Impact of Education across Sectors and the Millennium Development Goals. European Journal of Educational Sciences, 1 (2), 58-75. 10.19044/ejes.v1no2a5 [More information]


Biamba, C. (2013). Implementing the Millennium Development Goals 2000-2015 : Has Education Made a Difference?. Stockholm: Stockholm University. 94 p. (Yellow Report / Institute of International Education, Stockholm University 125) External link [More information]

Doctoral thesis

Biamba, C. (2012). The Role of Principals in Government Secondary Schools in Cameroon: Demands, Constraints and Choices : A Case Study of Eight Secondary Schools. Diss. , 2012. Stockholm: Stockholm University. 228 p. (Studies in comparative and international education 78) [More information]

Conference papers

Biamba, C. (2020). Promoting Culturally Diverse Students through Internationalization. Promoting Culturally Diverse Students Through Internationalisation. [More information]
Biamba, C. (2019). Globalization, Education for Sustainable Development and Pedagogical Challenges in Teacher Education. . [More information]
Biamba, C. (2018). Implementing Education for Sustainable Development and Pedagogical Challenges in teacher training programme. . [More information]
Biamba, C. & Odero, J. (2016). A policy review of school leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa. Leading better learning: School leadership and quality in the Education 2030 agenda : Regional reviews of policies and practices: UNESCO Education Sector. P. 111-136. [More information]
Biamba, C. (2014). Education for Sustainable Development in higher education : A study examining the challenges and opportunities for a teacher training programme. . [More information]
Biamba, C. (2014). Education Millennium Development and EFA Goals in Cameroon and Nigeria. . [More information]
Biamba, C. (2014). Towards Reaching Education Millennium Development and EFA Goals in Cameroon and Nigeria. . [More information]
Biamba, C. (2013). Inclusion and classroom practices in a Swedish school : A Case Study of a school in Stockholm. . [More information]
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