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Research presentation

Davoud Masoumi

Davoud Masoumi

Research presentation

Davoud Masoumi

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Curriculum studies
Research domain: Educational Science

Research qualifications: Associate Professor

Educational qualifications: Distinguished university teacher

Masoumi’s research interest is mostly centered on the ways information and communication technologies (ICT) changes the conditions for knowing and learning in contemporary society, how ICT transforms educational practices and teaching and learning within these practices, how learning tools, environments and infrastructures can be designed, implemented and evaluated to enhance teaching and learning. He also has an interest in quality in education, i.e. the ways that quality in higher education can be enhanced and assured.
He is member of the ICT in Learning research group at the University of Gävle.




Doctoral thesis

Masoumi, D. (2010). Quality in e-learning within a cultural context : The case of Iran. Diss. , 2010. Göteborg: Göteborgs universitet. 356 p. (Gothenburg Studies In Educational Sciences 291) External link [More information]

Book chapters

Masoumi, D. (2010). E-learning in Iran : A breakthrough to ICT-based initiatives in an educational system. E-learning practices : Volume I : Cases on challenges facing e-learning and national development : Institutional Studies and Practices. Eskisehir-Turkey: Anadolu University. P. 229-251. External link [More information]
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