Research presentation

Jörgen Holmberg

Research presentation

Jörgen Holmberg

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Curriculum studies
Research domain: Educational Science


Holmbergs’research focuses on learning, teachers’pedagogical use of ICT, learners’ use of ICT for educational purposes and design-based research (DBR) approaches. He is a member of the research group ICT in Learning lead by associate professor Göran Fransson at the University of Gävle.

Ongoing research: Teachers use of, and the potential added pedagogical values of, emerging technologies like virtual- and augmented reality (VR and AR).



Scholarly articles, refereed

Fransson, G., Holmberg, J. & Westelius, C. (2020). The challenges of using head mounted virtual reality in K-12 schools from a teacher perspective. Education and Information Technologies : Official Journal of the IFIP technical committee on Education, 25, 3383-3404. 10.1007/s10639-020-10119-1 [More information]
Fransson, G., Holmberg, J., Lindberg, J. & Olofsson, A. (2019). Digitalise and capitalise? Teachers’ self-understanding in 21st-century teaching contexts. Oxford Review of Education, 45 (1), 102-118. 10.1080/03054985.2018.1500357 [More information]
Holmberg, J., Fransson, G. & Fors, U. (2018). Teachers’ pedagogical reasoning and reframing of practice in digital contexts. The international journal of information and learning technology, 35 (2), 130-142. 10.1108/IJILT-09-2017-0084 [More information]
Holmberg, J. (2017). Applying a conceptual design framework to study teachers'€™ use of educational technology. Education and Information Technologies : Official Journal of the IFIP technical committee on Education, 22 (5), 2333-2349. 10.1007/s10639-016-9536-3 [More information]
Holmberg, J. (2014). Studying the process of educational design : revisiting Schön and making a case for reflective design-based research on teachers' 'conversations with situations'. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 23 (3), 293-310. 10.1080/1475939X.2014.942748 [More information]
Fransson, G. & Holmberg, J. (2012). Understanding the theoretical framework of technological pedagogical content knowledge : A collaborative self-study to understand teaching practice and aspects of knowledge. Studying Teacher Education : journal of self-study of teacher education practices, 8 (2), 193-204. 10.1080/17425964.2012.692994 [More information]

Doctoral thesis

Holmberg, J. (2019). Designing for added pedagogical value : A design-based research study of teachers’ educational design with ICT. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2019. Stockholm: Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University. 127 p. (Report Series / Department of Computer & Systems Science 19-001) External link [More information]

Conference papers

Fransson, G. & Holmberg, J. (2021). An innovative approach for teacher students to learn about bullying via an immersive Virtual Reality bullying experience. . [More information]
Fransson, G. & Holmberg, J. (2020). Student teachers´ experiences of an immersive Virtual Reality bullying simulation.<em> </em>. <em>ICICTE 2020 Conference Proceedings</em>. P. 121-131. External link [More information]
Holmberg, J., Masoumi, D., Elm, A., Fransson, G., Westelius, C., Björkman, A., Stake-Nilsson, K. & Toratti-Lindgren, M. (2017). Teachers’ and students’ understanding and use of ICT for teaching and learning – Combining different perspectives and methodologies in research on technology-enhanced learning. . [More information]
Holmberg, J., Fransson, G. & Fors, U. (2017). Teachers’ reframing of practice during a design-based research project. <em>The International Conferenceon Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE 2017) Proceedings</em>. P. 378-388. External link [More information]
Holmberg, J. (2016). Field-testing a conceptual design framework to study teachers’ intentions with and use of educational technology. . [More information]
Holmberg, J. (2014). Exploring theoretical development of Design Based Research: viewing design as reflective conversations with situations. . [More information]
Holmberg, J. (2013). Added Value? Preschool Teacher Students’ Views On And Examples Of The Added Value Of ICT As A Tool For Learning. . [More information]
Holmberg, J., Brenner, M. & Hallen, M. (2013). Planning and implementing in-service ICT-training to support development of higher education teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge. The Joy of Learning - Enhancing Learning Experience Improving Learning Quality : 2013 Annual EDEN Conference, Oslo, Norway. External link [More information]
Fransson, G. & Holmberg, J. (2011). Developing digital literacy and digital competence in teacher education : Challenges, dilemmas and opportunities identified through self-study methodology. . [More information]


Berg, A., Creelman, A., Henriksson, K., Holmberg, J., Tell, J. & Master Östlund, C. (2020). Distansutbildning och e-lärande: utmaningar, möjligheter och alternativa modeller : WP2 delrapport inom K3-projektet ”Nya vägar”. 18 p. (NYAvägar) External link [More information]

Student thesis

Holmberg, Jörgen (2010). Utanför kunskapssamhället? : En studie av 1990-talets skolförändringar och deras betydelse för ungdomars möjligheter att söka vidare till högre studier. Självständigt arbete på avancerad nivå (magisterexamen). 70 p. [More information]
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