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Research presentation

Tobias Fredlund

Research presentation

Tobias Fredlund

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Curriculum studies
Research domain: Educational Science

One of Tobias Fredlund’s research interests is how teaching and learning are affected by different forms of communication, such as language, gestures, images and diagrams, that teachers and students use. In particular, his research focuses on the teaching and learning of science.


Tobias Fredlund participates in a research project called DesDiNaTe. The project is best described as practice-based research, where researchers and preschool teachers cooperate to improve the teaching and learning – in this case – of science/technology, environmental issues and sustainable development. He is also a member of the research group ROLE – Research on Learning Environments.


Doctoral thesis

Fredlund, T. (2015). Using a Social Semiotic Perspective to Inform the Teaching and Learning of Physics. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2015. Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. 178 p. External link [More information]

Book chapters

Fredlund, T., Airey, J. & Linder, C. (2013). Att välja lämpliga semiotiska resurser. Scientific literacy : teori och praktik. Malmö: Gleerups Utbildning AB. P. 59-70. [More information]

Licentiate thesis

Fredlund, T. (2013). Exploring physics education using a social semiotic perspective : the critical role of semiotic resources. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2013. Uppsala: Uppsala universitet. 146 s. External link [More information]
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