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Research presentation

Daniel Pettersson

Research presentation

Daniel Pettersson


Research subject: Education
Research domain: Educational Science


Studies in international knowledge assessments, the hegemony of comparisons and early leavers.


Scholarly articles, refereed

Mikhaylova, T. & Pettersson, D. (2024). The timeless beauty of data : Inventing educational pasts, presents and futures through data visualisation. Critical Studies in Education. 10.1080/17508487.2024.2308689 [More information]
Mikhaylova, T. & Pettersson, D. (2023). Minding the gaps : The politics of differentiation in Swedish education from 1842 to the 1960s. Journal of Curriculum Studies. 10.1080/00220272.2023.2260456 [More information]
Rönn, C. & Pettersson, D. (2023). Swedish students’ everyday school life and teachers’ assessment dilemmas: peer strategies for ameliorating schoolwork for assessment. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, 35, 37-66. 10.1007/s11092-022-09400-3 [More information]
Lindblad, S. & Pettersson, D. (2023). "Who are we writing for?" : On Research Publishing in Comparative Studies Based on International Large-Scale Assessments. Sisyphus, 11 (2), 139-163. 10.25749/sis.28905 [More information]
Lindblad, S., Pettersson, D. & Popkewitz, T. (2020). Os poderes comparativos dos números e o conhecimento antecipado do número na educação. Currículo sem Fronteiras, 20 (1), 9-22. 10.35786/1645-1384.v20.n1.2 [More information]
Gran, L., Pettersson, D. & Molstad, C. (2019). Digital Bildung : Norwegian Students' Understanding of Teaching and Learning with ICT. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, 14 (1-2), 23-36. 10.18261/issn.1891-943x-2019-01-02-03 [More information]
Elde Mølstad, C., Pettersson, D. & Forsberg, E. (2017). A Game of Thrones : Organising and Legitimising Knowledge Through PISA-research. European Educational Research Journal, 16 (6), 869-884. 10.1177/1474904117715835 [More information]
Forsberg, E., Nihlfors, E., Pettersson, D. & Skott, P. (2017). Curriculum Code, Arena, and Context : Curriculum and Leadership Research in Sweden. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 16 (2), 357-382. [More information]
Pettersson, D., Prøitz, T. & Forsberg, E. (2017). From role models to nations in need of advice : Norway and Sweden under the OECDs magnifying glass. Journal of education policy, 32 (6), 721-744. 10.1080/02680939.2017.1301557 [More information]
Pettersson, D., Popkewitz, T. & Lindblad, S. (2017). In the grey zone : large-scale assessment-based activities betwixt and between policy, research and practice. Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, 3 (1), 29-41. 10.1080/20020317.2017.1316181 [More information]
Pettersson, D., Popkewitz, T. & Lindblad, S. (2016). On the use of Educational Numbers : Comparative Constructions of Hierarchies by means of Large-Scale Assessments [Sobre el uso de los números de la Educación : construcciones comparativas de jerarquías a través deevaluaciones a gran escala]. Espacio, Tiempo y Education, 3 (1), 177-202. 10.14516/ete.2016.003.001.10 [More information]
Pettersson, D. & Molstad, C. (2016). Pisa teachers : The hope and the happening of educational development [Les enseignants du PISA: L’espoir et la réalisation de l’éducation] [Professores do PISA: A esperança e a realização da educação]. Educação & Sociedade, 37 (136), 629-645. 10.1590/ES0101-73302016165509 [More information]
Wermke, W., Pettersson, D. & Forsberg, E. (2015). Approaching the space issue in Nordic curriculum theory : National reflections of globalization in social studies/citizenship textbook pictures in Sweden, England and Germany. Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, 2015 (1). 10.3402/nstep.v1.27011 [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2014). Three narratives : national interpretations of PISA. Knowledge Cultures, 2 (4), 172-191. [More information]

Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Pettersson, D. (2016). Skolkris och internationella jämförande kunskapsmätningar : siffran och jämförelsens hegemoni. Vägval i skolans historia, - (1). External link [More information]
Pettersson, D., Prøitz, T., Román, H. & Wermke, W. (2015). Curriculum versus Didaktik revisited : towards a transnational curriculum theory. Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, 1. 10.3402/nstep.v1.27014 [More information]
Pettersson, D., Aasen, P. & Forsberg, E. (2015). Preface. Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, 1, 27012-. 10.3402/nstep.v1.27012 [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2005). Läxor : en oreglerad bedömningspraktik. Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy, 1. [More information]
Pettersson, D., Lundahl, C., Lindh, G. & Lindh-Munther, A. (2004). Temaintroduktion : Bedömningspraktiker i skolans vardag. Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy, 2. [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2003). Politics of Assessments : International organizations and globalization of educational steering. Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy, 3. [More information]

Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Faldet, A., Pettersson, D. & Elde Mølstad, C. (2019). Jeg, du, meg och deg : Hva kan vi egentligen lære av PISA?. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift, 103 (1), 42-52. [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2017). Varför tror vi på PISA?. Skola och samhälle, 27 februari. External link [More information]
Lindblad, S. & Pettersson, D. (2016). "Slående hur PISA-forskningen missbrukas". Dagens samhälle, 5 december. External link [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2009). I skuggan av PISA. Pedagogiska Magasinet (09/09). [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2009). Kris i skolan eller i skolpolitiken?. Nämnaren : tidskrift för matematikundervisning, 36 (3). [More information]
Pettersson, D. (2003). Barnets århundrade : Radikalism på konservativ grund. Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy, 1. [More information]

Book reviews

Pettersson, D. (2013). Snäv mätning styr skolpolitiken. Stockholm: Svenska Dagbladet. Stockholm: External link [More information]
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