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Research presentation

Guadalupe Francia

Guadalupe Francia, professor Högskolan i Gävle.

Research presentation

Guadalupe Francia


Research subject: Education
Research domain: Utbildningsvetenskap

Professor in Education and Research Leader for the Strategic Research Domain Innovative Learning.


  • Project on pupil mental health (University of Gävle) 2021 (funding ULF)
  • Project Bullying from a Gender perspective Gävle model 2019-2021 University of Gävle
  • Project Career Counseling an equity perspective, 2019–2021 University of Gävle
  • School Free choice and Gender: Project in cooperation with Västerås municipality and Mälardalen university 2017-2018. Final report 2019. Ongoing publication work 2020–2021. Funding 300 000 Swedish Crowns.
  • The Convention of the Rights of the Child in the Context of the Advance of the Far-Right (University of Gävle Sweden, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain and Universidad Nacional de San Martin Argentina) 2021
  • Children’s Rights from a Sustainability Perspective : The UNCRC in Dialogue with Agenda 2030: Unaccompanied Migrant Children’s Rights: A Prerequisite for the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals in Spain and Sweden (2021)
  • The emergence of the anti-gender agenda in Swedish higher education 2021 (University of Gävle)
  • Biopolíticas de cierre de centros educativos desde una perspectiva de género: los casos de España y Suecia (Universidad de Valencia Spain & University of Gävle Sweden)


  • Publications

Conference papers

Thornberg, R., Wänström, L., Edling, S., Francia, G. & Gill, P. (2023). Peer Victimization amongst Swedish students: Protective Roles of School Staff Supportiveness and Class Climate. . [More information]
Francia, G., Neubauer , E., Adrían, K. & Edling, S. (2023). Refugee and Migrant Bodies in the Interplay of Education and Migration Policies in EU/Europe. . [More information]
Francia, G., Luzon-Trujillo, A. & Edling, S. (2022). Education dilemmas concerning schools as working and learning environments during the Covid pandemic: Voices from teacher unions in Sweden and Spain. . [More information]
Francia, G. (2022). El contexto político en el encuadre mediático sobre acusaciones de violencia sexual: Un análisis critico del discurso mediático en los casos Julian Assange y Jurij Dmitrijev. . [More information]
Francia, G., Ericsson, L. & Luzon-Trujillo, A. (2022). En búsqueda de los comunes y lo común en políticas de educación equitativa. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Åstrand, B. (2022). Exploring equity in education in globalization times: A theoretical approach. . [More information]
Ancheta-Arrabal, A. & Francia, G. (2022). La organización temporal de la educación primera infancia como estrategia pedagogica y de bienestar social en España y Suecia. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Bergstrand, U. (2022). Reduced teacher education as strategy against teacher shortage: Impacts on equity. . [More information]
Neubauer, A., Francia, G. & Edling, S. (2022). Social representations of migrant children in Spanish and Swedish media before and during the global pandemic. . [More information]
Francia, G., Erickson, L. & Luzón, A. (2021). El derecho a una educación equitativa en tiempos de incertidumbre causados por la pandemia de la COVID19. . [More information]
Edling, S. & Francia, G. (2021). Gendered dimensions in the enactment of the right of the child to be protected from violence. . [More information]
Pulido-Montes, C., Francia, G. & Ancheta, A. (2021). La biopolítica del cierre de centros educativos en España y Suecia: un estudio comparado desde una perspectiva de género. . External link [More information]
Francia, G., Erickson, L. & Luzón, A. (2021). Policies for equity in education in times of COVID-19 pandemic. . [More information]
Francia, G., Neubauer, A. & Grinberg, A. (2021). The Convention of the Rights of the Child in the Context of the Advance of the Far-Right. . [More information]
Francia, G., Neubauer, A. & Edling, S. (2021). The rights of unaccompanied minors in Spain and Sweden: A child-rights approach in sustainability policies. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Rafaelsen-Gumula, V. (2021). What do "choice skills" mean at vocational educational training programs?. . [More information]
Edling, S. & Francia, G. (2020). Critical Trends: Threats to Democracy and Education. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Edling, S. (2019). A Children's Rights Perspective on Traditional Schooling and Education for Sustainable Development. . [More information]
Dorio, Nunzio, J., Francia, G., Edling, S., Ayik, B. & Abagat Liboon, C. (2019). Children at Our Walls : Dehumanizing Discourses and Policies Challenging the Rights of Asylum-Seeking Minors in the United States and Sweden. . [More information]
Francia, G. (2019). El discurso de la ultraderecha en el marco de la formación de políticas públicas de educación inclusiva y equitativa en España y Suecia. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Edling, S. (2019). Neoliberal policy paradigm in Teacher Education in Argentina and Sweden : Strategy for increase quality and teacher profession status?. . [More information]
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Francia, G., Edling, S. & Sund, L. (2018). What does research tell us on the interrelation between justice, sustainability and teacher education?. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Edling, S. (2018). When The Convention of The Rights of the Child is Not Enough : Civil Disobedience from a Research Perspective. . [More information]
Edling, S. & Francia, G. (2017). Public or private governance of School violence: A leadership perspective. . [More information]
Francia, G., Parker-Jenkins, M. & Edling, S. (2016). Developing education policy to support the rights of refugee Children to Education : Reflections from Sweden and the Republic of Ireland. . [More information]
Edling, S., Jenkins-Parker, M. & Francia, G. (2016). Education of the Other : education policies targeted to Muslim refugees children in UK and Sweden. . [More information]
Edling, S., Francia, G., Luzón, A. & Parker-Jenkins, M. (2016). ¿Existe una política educativa de apoyo a los derechos de los menores refugiados? Reflexiones desde Suecia, República de Irlanda y España. . [More information]
Edling, S. & Francia, G. (2016). Private or public good? : Exploring violent acts at a boarding school in Sweden from a children’s right perspective. . [More information]
Francia, G. & Edling, S. (2015). Can school leaders make a difference in the protection of children’s rights against violence? <em></em> : A Critical Discourse Analysis of Different leadership strategies at boarding school in Sweden. . [More information]
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Francia, G. & Edling, S. (2013). A Child Perspective in the Study of Bullying in Swedish Boarding Elite’s Schools. . [More information]
Edling, S. & Francia, G. (2013). How are EU-policies regarding social inclusion of Roma populations adapted in national governments? : Comparing Spanish and Swedish policies for Roma education. . [More information]
Jenkins-Parker, M., Edling, S. & Francia, G. (2013). Responding to the educational needs of Muslim children in a non-Islamic state : a UK-Sweden comparative study. . [More information]
Francia, G. (2007). The Negotiation of the Right of the Child to Education in the Name of Religion. . [More information]
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