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Research presentation

Johan Liljestrand

Research presentation

Johan Liljestrand

Associate Professor, Dr. and Senior Lecturer in Education

Research subject: Education
Research domain: Educational Science


  • The depiction of Christianity in Swedish upper secondary RE (as religious majority religion). Together with Dr. David Carlson, Dr. Linda Jonsson, Mälardalen University and Prof. Peder Thalén, University of Gävle.
  • The relationship between the governing of preschool and professional development. Together with Dr. Annika Elm, University of Gävle.


Scholarly articles, refereed

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Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Liljestrand, J. (2011). Det demokratiska samtalet. Pedagogiska Magasinet (4). [More information]

Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Liljestrand, J. (2018). Religionskunskapslärares resonemang om den komplicerade mångfalden. Religion & Livsfrågor, - (2), 9-10. [More information]
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