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Research presentation

Olov Dahlin

Research presentation

Olov Dahlin

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Religious Studies


Interview study on the difference between digital and analogue teaching using existential perspective, phenomenology of perception and social psychological.

Qualitative evaluation research on preventive green rehabilitation for people on the verge of exhaustion in Hofors Municipality.


My previous research interests were mainly religious and medical diversity; cross-cultural interaction/multiculturalism; religion/health /integrative medicine/care.

Current research interests focus mainly on whether the sociality that has changed due to digitalisation and technology affects us on an existential level and may be a contributing cause of mental ill health. Linked to this is also an interest in the importance that animals and nature has to us and their ability to act as restorers of human health. Can the widespread mental ill-health of young people in part be related to constantly being online, a way of living which is overly abstract and "ungrounded" in which the more bodily and sensual dimension of life is attenuated?

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