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Research presentation

Peder Thalén

Research presentation

Peder Thalén


Research subject: Religious Studies


Presently I'm writing a book about the international discussion between the so called "New Atheists" and the theologians representing traditional Christian apologetics. I will in this book analyze and critically asses the common framework of this discussion.
I'm also writing a homiletical textbook which focuses on the religious language used in sermons.


Scholarly articles, refereed

Barthel, S., Colding, J., Hiswåls, A., Thalén, P. & Turunen, P. (2022). Urban green commons for socially sustainable cities and communities. Nordic Social Work Research, 12 (2), 310-322. 10.1080/2156857x.2021.1947876 [More information]
Liljestrand, J., Carlsson, D. & Thalén, P. (2021). Moderniserad kristendom i läroböcker för högstadiet. Nordidactica : Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education, 11 (3), 51-70. External link [More information]
Thalén, P. & Carlsson, D. (2020). Teaching Secular Worldviews in a Post-Secular Age. Religion & Education, 47 (3), 243-256. 10.1080/15507394.2020.1785811 [More information]
Waller, G., Thalén, P., Janlert, U., Hamberg, K. & Forssén, A. (2012). A cross-sectional and semantic investigation of self-rated health in the northern Sweden MONICA-study. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 12, 154-. 10.1186/1471-2288-12-154 [More information]

Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Thalén, P. (2005). Predikofortbildning 20 p vid Umeå universitet. Tro och liv: Tidskrift för kristen tro och förkunnelse (3-4), 55-57. [More information]

Book reviews

Thalén, P. (2003). Relativismen biter endast på ismernas värld. Svenska Dagbladet. P. 7-7. [More information]
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